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Kate: What? Jack Jennings: Your smile; just reminded me of someone. Kate: Who? Jack Jennings: Someone special. Just as special as you. Doc: Looking good, there she is. Jack Jennings: A little birdy whispered in my ear. Next year's was shipped early. Said gas it up, send it over. Yours truly's the first in the bayou driving her. The happiest, the fastest and the prettiest. Jack Jennings: XM radio. Trim leather on the gearknob. Woodgrain on the doors and dash. Tinted glass. When you create something that is truly, absolutely, one hundred percent the best. It has to be mine. Doc: You weren't watching her, Dad. It was weird. She couldn't find it. Jack Jennings: Give her a break. She's excited. We've been planning this thing forever. And wait 'til everybody gets there, it'll be worth it. But, hey, she's gonna be fine. Just getting old. Not everybody ages as gracefully as me Doc: Daaad - Jack Jennings: Stop that. Barely even here and you're complaining already. Doc: I'm just - Jack Jennings: You're here one week, boy. One week. Don't fuck this up. Ann Standards: Started just before Ronny was born. Doc: ...Mom?... That's Bry. Dianne: Refresh our drinks, ladies? Belmont belles, to the bar. Doc: Look at us. We look so happy. Ann Standards: Of course we do. You and Lori; it's gonna work out. Ann Standards: I'm sure she would've come if you'd just invited her. Lori's a mother. I'm your mother. Where wouldn't I have gone for you? Doc: Mom, no. That's over. Ann Standards: Over's such a horrible word. Doc: She did a horrible thing. She deserves it. Over, done, that's it. Ann Standards: If you love someone you make it work. Do you still love her? Doc: It doesn't matter... Ann Standards: You're wrong, Ronny, it does. Ann Standards: You stand by those you love through thick and thin. That's how we raised you. Neighbor: Doc, I'm really glad I bumped into you here. I gotta question... Neighbor: Lately, when I... when I urinate... well, it... it burns, Doc. Burns and it hurts like hell. Doc: I'm a pediatrician. Neighbor: I thought maybe you could help. Doc: Nope. Jack Jennings: Look like a million bucks. Bryan Standards: Like father, like son. Kate: You're so much more interesting. More exciting Jack Jennings: Wait for it; you'll be there. Learn what you're passionate about and do it. Life without passion isn't life at all. When you finally have that passion, excitement will follow - Kate: What? Jack Jennings: That's something I used to really live on. Jack Jennings: ...My wife and I... Back in the days. Not just when we were young, either. Lasted longer than that. We found ways to keep it fresh. Keep it exciting. Alex: What are you always looking at out here? Got a thing with stars? Just a hobby? Is the grass wet? I'm totally gonna have a wet butt... Alex: I'm Alex. You're the older boy, aren't you? Doc, right? Doc: Ron. Doc: Used to work at a hospital in Los Angeles. No stars; missed them. This spot seems special. Can't sleep? Alex: Same as you, Doc. Alex: Why Doc? Why not Ron or Ronny or something? Doc: My brother; he tends to have a way with people. One day he started it, just kinda caught on. Alex: And you don't like it... Doc: Why do you say that? Alex: The way your face tightens when you hear it. Doc: I'm curious. What do you do out so late? Jack Jennings: Take care of my young daughter and aging parents... oh wait, that'd be your responsibility. Ya' know what? Bry's leaving today. Maybe you should too. Doc: Mom lets you smoke in here? Jack Jennings: Mom's not here. Doc: Ya'know it's gonna be okay. Jack Jennings: Five days ago I had my wife. Now I don't. That's never gonna be okay. Doc: Do you want to talk about it? Jack Jennings: I want my wife back. Jack Jennings: Had some good times out here, didn't we? Bryan Standards: Taught me to water ski. Swim. Senior year, used to skinny-dip with Debi. That blonde hair in the moonlight. Jack Jennings: Pllllease. Senior year? You had her out here since the night you met. Splish-splashing. Thank God you didn't get her pregnant. How would we explain that one to the neighbors. Now look at it. What a mess. Haven't touched the boat in weeks. Jack Jennings: This thing should've been done last month. We were gonna throw Mom's party here. Bryan Standards: What happened? Jack Jennings: She doesn't come down to the water anymore. Then, I got busy with other stuff. Jack Jennings: My boy's back. You can have the run of the place. Doc: You just don't do that. Who the hell does that? What sort of low-life does that? I'm sorry. I shouldn't be saying this sort of stuff to you... Alex: Don't be sorry. What else are late night lawn buddies for? Doc: What do I do? Confront him? He's amazing, but he's dramatic; we'll never talk again. Jack Jennings: It's gonna be okay. Ann Standards: What if...? Jack Jennings: You're home, everything's fine. They're telling me to keep our life as normal as possible. We'll do whatever you want. Maybe take a trip in to town with your girls. Jack Jennings: Come home and spend some time together here. I'll make sure the boys are out. Sound good? Ann Standards: At the hospital they kept saying "One step at a time." Jack Jennings: Sounds like self-help bullshit. Ann Standards: Well, yes and no. How they said it, yes. What I got out of it; I'm home now, this a step. Next step, feeling like I'm home. Dinner, flowers, cleaning-up. Soon enough, parties and banquets. One step at a time. Jack Jennings: Sounds like you got big plans. Ann Standards: There's a reason we get along. Going to bed. Jack Jennings: Me too. Bryan Standards: Do the math, Dad. I've barely known her; three-four weeks. Sure, we slept together alot. But four weeks? I've been poking at your baby in there. And that's fucked-up. Jack Jennings: Four weeks is enough, Bry. It could be yours. Don't run away from this. Bryan Standards: Yeah; me and my magic jizz. Jack Jennings: All these years, all the stupid things I've done. Everything I - Ann Standards: Everything we have; all of it, is from your work. I know that. Always restless, always looking.




导演: 章笛沙

演员: 陈飞宇何蓝逗

The American Standards

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