When adulterous millionaire Peter Jameson suddenly dies of a heart attack, his daughter (Patricia Tallman), a former movie star, plans a mem...更多>



Alisa: Life is more than just gossip mother. Judith: That's absurd, whoever told you that should be shot. Gossip is publicity and publicity is life. Alisa: I need you to show your respect today, whatever it takes. Judith: Respect? I never loved your father, what sort of respect could you possibly expect from me?




: I know you loved him. Judith: [laughs] Divorcing him and taking half his money was the best thing that ever happened to me. His dying was the second. Julia: I'm not like you mom, I won't sleep around with every guy that offers to buy me dinner or lets me snort some cocaine. Julia: I'm pregnant Billy: What? Julia: I'm sorry Billy. Bily: But... we're always so careful. Julia: I know, but condoms are only 99% effective. Billy: [shocked] What? Julia: [defensively] That's what the box says anyway. Alisa: I love you Jesse. Jesse: I know. Mandy: Hi Craig. Craig: Hey. Amanda, was it? Mandy: Mandy. Didn't realize I was so forgettable. Craig: I'm just really bad with names. Mandy: In that case you're forgiven. Just remember, it rhymes with candy, we're both incredibly sweet. Mandy: This better be good. Alisa: The pastries aren't here yet. Mandy: You dragged me away from the man who could very well be my future ex-husband to tell me your god-damned pastries aren't here yet? Krystal: [reciting a poem she wrote to her dead husband] Roses are red, violets are blue. These lilies are now dead and so are you. Mandy: The bakery completely fucked up your order. Alisa: What? Mandy: Don't ask, I was too busy yelling at that asshole to listen to what he was saying. Alisa: Oh shit, shit. What am I going to do? Mandy: They should be here in half an hour with a similar order. I threatened to go over and kick some ass if I wasn't happy. Gary: What brings you here anyway? Bunny: I was a friend of the deceased. Gary: Really? Bunny: Yes, a very close friend. Is that so hard to believe? Gary: No, not at all.How'd you know him? Bunny: He was the best fuck I ever had. Judith: You look upset. Alisa: How many drinks did it take for you, Mother, to start caring about how I feel? Judith: Look how you talk to me, is it any wonder we never get along? Alisa: I think it's difficult for you to get along with anybody. Judith: For your information, Drake and I get along just fine.






导演: 邓超

演员: 邓超白宇



导演: 乔恩·费儒

演员: 唐纳德·格洛弗阿尔弗瑞·伍达德

For Pete's Wake

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