"Amor real"

"Amor real" (2005)

2003-06-06(以色列)| 爱情| 墨西哥
上映时间:2003-06-06(以色列) 类型: 爱情
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In 19th century Mexico, Dr. Manuel Fuentes Guerra inherits a fortune of his father, whom never wanted to recognize him as his son. Now turne...更多>




Matilde Peñalver: I love another and I was forced to marry you! Manuel Fuentes Guerra: Consider yourself lucky! Your mother was selling you off to the highest bidder, you could have ended up with some disgusting old man or a brute that would kill you for what you just said. I want to kill you myself. Matilde Peñalver: Do it then! Kill me! KILL ME! Manuel Fuentes Guerra: [to the guard] I'm turning myself in. Now give me back my son. Adolfo Solís: Matilde, come with me! We can finally be together. Matilde Peñalver: I'm sorry. I loved you once. If you had come sooner...but now, I love my husband. Matilde Peñalver: Where is the painting that hangs here? Josefina De Icaza: I ordered the servants to remove it, it bothered Manuel. Matilde Peñalver: [to a servant] Have it put back please. [to Josefina] Matilde Peñalver: Last time I checked, this was my house. And as the lady of this house I strongly discourage you from attempting to override my orders. Rosario Aranda: [to Manuel] You are my son.




导演: 邓超

演员: 邓超白宇



导演: 乔恩·费儒

演员: 唐纳德·格洛弗阿尔弗瑞·伍达德

"Amor real"

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