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Collected Stories (2002) 7.6

2002-01-16(美国)| 美国
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Ruth Steiner: What you have to say means a great deal to me, you know? Lisa Morrison: No, I didn't know that. Ruth Steiner: [Taken aback] No? How could you not know that? It goes both ways you know. Am I supposed to give and give and expect nothing in return? Lisa Morrison: No, of course not. Ruth Steiner:


I can't just applaud you and pat you on the back and give you unconditional love and support. I know I've been your teacher and your champion, but I'm also your friend and I could use a little reassurance too you know?


[Begins to tear up] Lisa Morrison: Ruth, what is it? Ruth Steiner: It's very complicated for me. Lisa Morrison: What is? Ruth Steiner: What's happening for you is very complicated for me. Lisa Morrison: Ruth, are you jealous? Ruth Steiner: Please don't condescend! Lisa Morrison: I'm not. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... Ruth Steiner: It's not about envy. [pause] Ruth Steiner: Maybe it is about envy, but it's not about professional jealousy. [Long pause] Ruth Steiner: you know what it is? I'm jealous that you have all of life ahead of you and I can't just sit back and watch you do the dance I danced so long ago and not think about time. That's what it is. Don't you see? [Wiping away tears] Ruth Steiner: It's about time. Ruth Steiner: what you've done is mimicry. It's not art. It's not homage. It's parody... you have no right. Lisa Morrison: No right? What about my right as an artist? Ruth Steiner: Well that right you have to earn! Ruth Steiner: [Looking down at her desk] Where's the pile that was here? Lisa Morrison: Oh, well I straightened up. Ruth Steiner: What do you mean you straightened- oh no, oh God no. Why did you do that? Lisa Morrison: Uh, remember, before you left you asked me if you'd like me to straighten up. Ruth Steiner: [Becoming frazzled] Straighten up, yes, not reorganize my life. I did not authorize you to reorganize my life. Oh God, when you said, "Straighten up" I thought you meant take a schmata and dust. Now how am I going to find anything? Lisa Morrison: Just ask me what you're looking for. Ruth Steiner: I don't wanna ask you! Lisa Morrison: Well I'll tell you exactly where it is. I don't throw anything out or anything. I just made neater piles. Ruth Steiner: Well I don't want neater piles. I like my piles the way they are. Lisa Morrison: Sorry. I didn't mean to- Ruth Steiner: There was a method to my madness that has served me very well all these years. Lisa Morrison: I'm really, really sorry. I was only trying to... I'll put everything back the way- Ruth Steiner: [As Lisa approaches to help] Please don't! Just leave it. [Lisa turns and walks away, hurt] Ruth Steiner: Aw, shit. You're not going to cry, are you?




导演: 邓超

演员: 邓超白宇



导演: 乔恩·费儒

演员: 唐纳德·格洛弗阿尔弗瑞·伍达德

Collected Stories

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