"Strong Medicine"

"Strong Medicine" (2000) 6.2

2001-09-23(荷兰)| 美国
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Dr. Luisa Delgado ran the South Philly Women's Clinic so that poor women could get the medical help they needed. Dr. Dana Stowe did medical ...更多>



Chief of Staff Dr. Robert Jackson: [after Delgado made him explain why a certain drug was illegal to a patient] Dr. Delgado, don't you ever pull another stunt like that again. Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: You guys make people feel like crap, which is what you are to me. What you did wasn't enough to get you arrested, but it damn well should be. Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: [upset that school won't allow girl to keep inhaler on hand] Do you have any idea what it's like trying to breathe with a plastic bag over your head? Because that's what it is like for someone who is having an asthma attack! Receptionist Lana Hawkins: [to Dr. Kayla Thornton] I didn't know they made Lu Delgado in black. Araya: I get to pick the movie. Dr. Dylan West: Fine, but nothing gory. Araya: You're a surgeon! What do you do, operate with your eyes closed? Jonas: So, today's the big day. Too late to elope? Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: Ah, don't tempt me. Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: You need someone who knows the streets, and you don't know jack. Dr. Dylan West: And you do? Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: As a matter of fact, Jack happens to be a very good friend of mine. Dr. Dylan West: Oh, no! We're flooding! This damn water pump keeps going out. Araya: That's a titanic amount of water! Dr. Dylan West: Would you just go get some towels and a broom? Araya: Hell, no, I'm abandoning ship! Dr. Dylan West: Mr. Lawson, don't give up hope. Mr. Lawson: Try looking from the world from where I'm sitting before you lecture me on hope. Dr. Dylan West: I've been there. Mr. Lawson: You've killed someone? Dr. Dylan West: Yeah. I killed my fiancée. I was a fourth-year surgical resident when I met her. She was amazing. Three months after our first date, I asked her to marry me. We were heading up to the Poconos for a ski weekend. I just got off of 36 hours on call. I had no business being behind the wheel. But she wanted to wake up in the mountains. And there was no way I was going to disappoint her. [pause] Dr. Dylan West: 10 miles outside of Tannerville... [sigh] Dr. Dylan West: ... I fell asleep. The car flipped. And she was dead before the paramedics got there. Mr. Lawson: That was an accident. Dr. Dylan West: Think that matters to me? [sigh] Dr. Dylan West:


You think I feel any less guilty?


Mr. Lawson: Looks like you got over her. Dr. Dylan West: No. I learned to live with it. I just finally realized that... every situation no matter how awful presents an opportunity. Mr. Lawson: If you're about to tell me everything happens for a reason, I swear, I-I'll drop you right where you're sitting. Dr. Dylan West: No. things happen because people make choices. And sometimes bad things happen for no reason at all. But we still have a choice how to handle it. As bad as things are for you right now, you have a choice... to make things better or make things worse. Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: You have to admit, that it's getting time in your life when people like you start thinking about moving to Florida. Lydia: Look, you've done amazing things. And when you're old and gray like me, I pray that you'll still be doing amazing things. Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: [to firefighter/friend] I thought you were dead. Dead! [slapping his shoulders] Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado: *Dead!* Jesse Campbell: I can't believe you hosed down Ashley Collins. Jesse Campbell: Why can't they just say it in English? I have scoliosis. I have to wear a back brace. Dr. Andy Campbell: What the doctor was saying is that the brace hasn't been helping like he thought it would. Jesse Campbell: So you mean I won't have to wear the brace any more? Dr. Andy Campbell: Well... Jesse Campbell: Give it to me straight, doc. Dr. Andy Campbell: You're going to need an operation. Jesse Campbell: [shocked but soft] Wow. Dr. Andy Campbell: Providing the operation goes well, you won't have to wear the brace. Jesse Campbell: You mean providing I live. Les Campbell: Jesse, now I've talked to the doctor about your surgery. Jesse Campbell: Yeah, they're going to cut me open like a sardine can. Dr. Andy Campbell: Okay! Yes, I know that this is very risky surgery. Jesse Campbell: Mom, can dad stay for dinner? Dr. Andy Campbell: [like it's no problem] Okay. Jesse Campbell: And can't he stay until after the surgery? Dr. Andy Campbell: [like it is a problem] *Jesse.* Dr. Andy Campbell: I love you. You know that, right? Jesse Campbell: I love you too, Mom. Will you be there when I wake up? Dr. Andy Campbell: Of course, I will. You know I will.




导演: 邓超

演员: 邓超白宇



导演: 乔恩·费儒

演员: 唐纳德·格洛弗阿尔弗瑞·伍达德

"Strong Medicine"

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