The Captive Heart

The Captive Heart (1947) 7.2

1946-03-27(英国)| 战争| 英国
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After the evacuation at Dunkirk, June 1940, some thousands of British prisoners are sent to German P.O.W. camps. One such group includes ...更多>



Cpl. Ted Horsfall: [remembering his last night at home, before leaving for France, as he finishes a glass of beer at a farewell party]


Ahhhhh. Beer isn't what it used to be.


Pvt. Don Evans: I hope the French beer isn't what it used to be either. Remember the last time, Ted? Cpl. Ted Horsfall: Yeah. I remember something even better than beer too. Cpl. Ted Horsfall: [offering beer] Anyone for any more? Di Evans: No, thank you. Pvt. Don Evans: [looks at clock] It's nearly twelve. We've got to be at the depot at seven. [motions to his wife] Pvt. Don Evans: Come on home. Flo Horsfall: We'll have them both back before you can turn around. The war will be over by Christmas. Cpl. Ted Horsfall: The war will be over by Christmas. Where have I heard *that* before? Pvt. Don Evans: [indicates sign for their construction business] It's a shame we've got to close the business, Ted. Cpl. Ted Horsfall: Why, it's this habit we've gotten into; fighting the same war every twenty years. Flo Horsfall: Nasty habit too. Maj. 'Ossy' Dalrymple: [sees the camp approaching and decides he and his men will enter smartly] March to attention! Pvt. Don Evans: [writing a letter home] How do you spell "sufficient"? Cpl. Ted Horsfall: Same as a Sergeant-Major's blessing. Two "f"'s and one "c". Pvt. Mathews: [having a hard time adjusting to POW life after two months] What a sucker I was, joining the ruddy Army. I pictured myself cutting it loose with some roundie old French dames. And here I am, shut up in this place until I'll be past it. Cpl. Ted Horsfall: You should have joined the Navy and let the world see you. [gently] Cpl. Ted Horsfall: Now son, it's no use you blowing off. Take things as you find them. That's always been my motto. And the way I look at it... Pvt. Mathews: Awwww. Drip! Drip! Drip! You burn me up. You're worse than a woman! Cpl. Ted Horsfall: [warning] Now, knock it sonny. I was swinging a rifle when your nappies were swinging on the line Capt. Jim Grayson: I wonder how Jane is getting on these days? Capt. Karel Hasek, alias Geoffrey Mitchell: Who's Jane? Your girl? Capt. Jim Grayson: No, no. *The* Jane. The strip in the "Mirror". Capt. Karel Hasek, alias Geoffrey Mitchell: [realizing he's made a mistake] Oh, yes, the strip in the mirror. Pvt. Mathews: [discussing his escape plans with Horsfall and Evans] Why, all I have to do is stow away in one of those garbage bins or something. Why, it's as easy as kiss your... [sees Mitchell approach] Capt. Karel Hasek, alias Geoffrey Mitchell:


If you're planning an escape, Mathews, may I give you a piece of advice? Individual escapes hardly ever succeed. These things have to be very carefully planned and co-ordinated by a whole group.




导演: 长峰达也

演员: 野泽雅子堀川亮



导演: 陈奕仁

演员: 温尚翊石锦航

The Captive Heart

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