"Americano" centres around Chris McKinley (Jackson), a recent college graduate backpacking through Europe who savours his last three...更多>



Riccardo: Don't fall for the con. The Ameri-con. Adela:


Promise me: Do what scares you.


Narrator: The story of our life, in the end, is not our life, it is our story. Ryan: I've been taking these pills for four years and I'm still not addicted. Ryan: I'm trying to see where you're coming from. I really am. But I can't get my head that far up your ass. Ryan: So I know bullfighting is part of your culture and everything but have you ever thought about... I don't know, baseball? You know, a bat, a ball. Adela: A bat, a ball. A sword, a cap. Both are great traditions where men dress up in tights to impress women. Ryan: I think we need to rethink whatever we think we thought.




导演: 叶伟民

演员: 甄子丹黄圣依


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