It's triple the trouble when Trakeena teams up with Olympius to steal all of the Earth's power. Their plan? To capture humans and use them a...更多>



Carter Grayson: Why do you always have to be the center of attention? Joel Rawlings: Well, I don't have to be. It's that I usually am. [to Heather] Receptionist: Now, you know, dear, there's no such thing as monsters. [seeing Heather crying]


Carter Grayson


: Hey. It can't be all that bad. Carter Grayson: Lost Galaxy Rangers? No way. Kai Chen: Yeah, that's us. Triskull: A Power Ranger can't stop the mighty Triskull. Leo Corbett: We'll just have to see about that, won't we? Trakeena: The whole universe will tremble when it sees me green again. Heather: Boy, being a Junior Ranger's a big responsibility. Triskull: Don't you pathetic Rangers know when you've lost? Leo Corbett: We've come this far. We're not giving up now. Right, Carter? Carter Grayson: You got that right, Leo. Let's show this freak what red's all about. [Leo and Carter are surrounded by Ghouls] Carter Grayson: Where's the cavalry when you really need it? [the Green and Pink Galaxy Ranger arrive in time and saves them] Damon Henderson: You called? [to both Power Ranger teams] Olympius: Why am I wasting energy destroying you? I'll let Trakeena do that. She wanted to mutate. Well, I'll let her have her wish. Be careful what you ask for Trakeena. It's time! [Olympius throws the infected dagger into a building and into Trakeena's IV that transforms her into a giant hideous monster] Leo Corbett: Olympius, you'll never get away with this. Olympius: Oh, but I have, and you're the ones who won't get away.




导演: 林孝谦

演员: 陈意涵刘以豪



导演: 安娜·波顿

演员: 布丽·拉尔森裘德·洛

Power Rangers in 3D: Triple Force

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