Wrestlemania IV

Wrestlemania IV (1988) 5.1

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For the first time in history, the WWF Title stands vacant. A one night tournament, with 14 participants, is held to crown a new champion. I...更多>



Heenan, Bobby 'The Brain': [to Bob Uecker]


You received 7,000 votes to get into the Hall Of Fame. You'd have gotten a lot more, but you ran out of stamps.


Jesse Ventura: [to Monsoon after Steamboat fails to pin Valentine] Don't you be cheering for no-one. You're supposed to be unbiased. I get enough of that from McMahon. Jesse Ventura: [after Ted Dibiase has pinned Muraco] One more match and Dibiase is the champion of the world. Gorilla Monsoon: [Junkyard Dog had eliminated The King from the Battle Royal] The King is out of there. Bob Uecker: Wow, you talk about a crown for a king. What a blast he took. Jesse Ventura: [to Monsoon as Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth come down for the final match for the vacated WWF belt] Try to concentrate on wrestling. I know its hard for you. Howard 'The Fink' Finkel, Ring Announcer: [Randy Savage has won the tournament and the WWF belt] The winner of the tournament and Undisputed World Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion Randy Macho Man Savage. Gene Okerlund: It's been hard for me not to say this without using World Wrestling Federation champion Hulk Hogan. Bob Uecker: All right Wrestlemania 4. This is the first time I got my contract renewed. Second year for me Gorilla. Jimmy Hart: [after Brutus 'the barber' Beefcake cut Hart's hair] Look! I look like Little Lu Lu! The Honky Tonk Man: Cover it up, Jimmy, don't let anyone see it! Ted DiBiase: [after Greg De George couldn't believe that DiBiase had a 1st class dressing room] You won't find the Million Dollar Man in some stinky, dingy locker room with a couple of buffoons! Jesse Ventura: [to Bob Uecker] With your lifetime batting average of .200, that means with every swing, you could only hit one bat out of five.




导演: 雷尼·哈林

演员: 张家辉杨紫



导演: 饺子

演员: 吕艳婷囧森瑟夫

Wrestlemania IV

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