Years after the siege of Redwall Abbey by Cluny the Scourge, Matthais and Cornflower have a hotheaded son named Mattimeo who dreams of succe...更多>




Mangiz the Seer: I will not stand here and be insulted by the likes of you, hedgepig! Ambrose Spike: Then stand somewhere else and I'll insult you there, featherbag! Foremole: Now, don't whack him too hard, Matthias. [Mattimeo enters and Foremole leaves] Foremole: Mind you, give him a durn good whacking now! Slagar the Cruel: I am Slagar the Cruel, and you are my slaves. Now listen closely - when I say you walk, you walk. When I say you run, you run. If I decide that you live, you live. [pulls out bolas and starts twirling] Slagar the Cruel: If I take it into my hands that you may not live... then you will die. [smashes bench] Slagar the Cruel: Now, move! Mattimeo: You should have killed me back there! Baby Rollo: [singing repeatedly] Seek da founda in da stones, a ho, a ho. Matthias: [trying to get Cheek to give information about the young ones' kidnapping] Let him go, Basil. *We've just enough time for a late lunch.* Then we'll be on our way. Whta do you say to a vegetable pasty and a drop of cider? Jess: Thanks, but I'd rather down a couple of *bilsberry muffins* and a *nice thick chunk of cheese*. Basil Stag Hare: Sliced nut breat and candied chestnuts. Eh, that should do it for me. Cheek: [licks his lips and scutters over] I'm 'ungry. Basil Stag Hare: Funny. I thought you were Cheek! [chuckles] Cheek: Heh. Heh. He's funny, he is. [pauses for several seconds, then licks his lips] [repeated line] Baby Rollo: Stwabewwy cordial!




导演: 林德禄

演员: 古天乐郑嘉颖



导演: 霍建起

演员: 陈晓杜鹃

"Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall"

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