Treehouse Hostage

Treehouse Hostage (1999) 5.2

1999-09-24(美国)| 冒险 家庭| 美国
上映时间:1999-09-24(美国) 类型: 冒险 家庭
评分: 力荐

Timmy Taylor and his two friends, Stevie and Buddy capture escaped convict Carl Banks (Jim Varney) and hold him hostage in their treehouse o...更多>



Timmy Taylor: [the boys find out Principal Ott is Carl's old boss who had him turned in] Ott the Snot! I mean, Principal Snot, I mean...


Principal Ott


: Timmy Taylor... Carl Banks: You two know each other? Boys: He's our principal! Carl Banks: [to Ott] They let you work with kids? Principal Ott: Who would ever suspect an elementary school principal? Buddy: [taking off Carl's fake women's eyelashes] What'd you put these on with, airplane glue? Carl Banks: Ouch! How do I look? Buddy: Like a movie star. Carl Banks: Yeah, which one? Buddy: Ever see Nightmare on Elm Street? Timmy Taylor: We checked out the old Johnson place. Carl Banks: I told you kids to stay away from there, you could get hurt. Stevie: Or worse, we know. Timmy Taylor: There were these two guys there, they looked like cops. Carl Banks: They are cops, not the kind you want to run into. They're the boss's guys, he keeps them around to minimize suspicion.




导演: 盖尔·曼库索

演员: 杰克·曼利刘宪华

Treehouse Hostage

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