King Richard and the Crusaders

King Richard and the Crusaders(1954)

1954-08-07(美国)| 冒险| 美国
上映时间:1954-08-07(美国) 类型: 冒险
评分: 力荐

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Lady Edith: War, war! That's all you ever think about, Dick Plantagenet! You burner, you pillager! [Sir Kenneth tries to steal a kiss]


Lady Edith


: No, no, my dearly betrothed. Richard would set the headsman on your neck - he has said as much. Sir Kenneth: Then kiss me quickly, my bonnie, while these lips are still warm. Lady Edith: No, no! (they kiss) Ah, this is a pleasant madness. Sir Kenneth: A lunacy with which I would love to be afflicted... to the end of my life. If Richard would take my life, I must kiss softly. Saladin: May the Seven Doves rest on your shoulders. Sir Kenneth: Doves or vultures, you slippery infidel? Saladin: Come, I invite you to share the waters of the oasis with me. Lady Edith: I'm a Plantagenet, yet somehow I feel less proud. I'm beginning to despise war. The dread, the wondering each time you ride away if you'll come back among the living. Saladin: These strange pale-eyed Goths, they show their hearts like the bumps on a pomegranate. King Richard I: Go squat on your Alps!




导演: 叶伟民

演员: 甄子丹黄圣依

King Richard and the Crusaders

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