"Hotel Babylon"

"Hotel Babylon" (2006) 5.9

2006-01-19(英国)| 喜剧| 英国
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advertisement Rebecca Mitchell: [about Tanya who has a black eye, due to a run in with a guest] Good God what happened to her? Charlie Edwards: One of the guests attacked her Rebecca Mitchell: Which guest? [long pause] Rebecca Mitchell: Was there anything broken? Charlie Edwards: Maybe her jaw. Rebecca Mitchell: No I mean fixtures and fittings, do we have a viable insurance claim? [Tanya starts speaking Serbo Croat] Rebecca Mitchell: Do we need a translator for this? My Serbo Croat isn't very strong. Charlie Edwards: [to Tanya] In English. Tanya Mihajlov: I do nothing she attack me! Charlie Edwards: Ok Tanya, from the beginning. Tanya Mihajlov: I go into room to turn down beds, I knock first, no talkback I go in and she, Bitch is putting the powder over her face. Rebecca Mitchell: Over her face? You mean applying makeup. Tanya Mihajlov: No the powder [mimics sniffing cocaine up her nose] Tanya Mihajlov: like a vacuum cleaner, Silly cow drop it on the floor and she go Vin Diesel on me! Rebecca Mitchell: Yes thank you Tanya I think we've got the picture now [Tanya leaves the room, still speaking Serbo Croat] Rebecca Mitchell: . Rebecca Mitchell: I want you to be as thorough as possible Miss Merchant, any bottle or napkin that can't be accounted for I want to know about it [hands her keys] Helen Merchant: Before I start a job I always ask a question, Do you trust your staff? Rebecca Mitchell: Well I used to Helen Merchant: Then you've been naive, in my experience people are generally bad, they lie, they steal, they copulate. Rebecca Mitchell: I'm not sure I should judge them on that Helen Merchant: A sin is a sin Miss Mitchell, as well as the audit would you like me to set any traps? Rebecca Mitchell: Traps? Helen Merchant: I could stick an extra case of wine behind the bar, some steaks in the fridge, see where it ends up in the next audit. Nina Bailey: [to a group of prostitutes walking out of the lobby] That's right keep walking! Back to the filthy London gutters you just crawled out of!




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Hotel Babylon"

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