"Wildfire" (2005)

2005-06-20(美国)| 家庭 爱情| 美国
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Wildfire is the story of what happens when Kris Furillo, willful daughter of a lousy mother, who took a bad start in life landing her in jai...更多>



Danielle Davis: All work and no sex makes Dani a dull girl. Ken 'Junior' Davis: [frustrated] A curse on Sweden! Matt Ritter: What about the hot blondes? Ken 'Junior' Davis: Okay. Not the hot blondes. [Junior is assembling a pre-fabricated Swedish bookcase] Matt Ritter: How's it coming, Bookcase Boy? Ken 'Junior' Davis: [yelling] A curse on the Swedish! Matt Ritter: What about all those hot blonde chicks? Ken 'Junior' Davis: Okay, not the hot blondes. Kris Furillo: Do you even know how to ride a horse? Ken 'Junior' Davis: Do birds fly? Kris Furillo: Penguins don't. Ken 'Junior' Davis: Primrose I don't know about you but I feel used. Ken 'Junior' Davis: [to Kris] I'd do anything for you, please don't go, I love you




导演: 郝平

演员: 白红标


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