Anniyan (2005) 5.9

2005-06-10(印度)| 动作 喜剧 惊悚| 印度
上映时间:2005-06-10(印度) 类型: 动作 喜剧 惊悚
评分: 力荐

A devout and meek Iyengar and lawyer by the day and an undertaker by night who goes all out against the bad elements of the society with his...更多>



Chari: You have to kiss her. Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: Kiss? Me? Chari: Yes, you! For all this do you expect to bring Kamal Hassan? Henchman: Is *this* guy, *that* guy? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: Not this *guy*, I'm Lord of Death! Nandini:


Remo, I'm afraid I can't like you any more!


Remo: But, why? Nandini: Because you aren't real. You're just another part of Ambi living in him. Remo: Who do you like then? [style's Remo's hair up like Ambi's hair] Remo: [looks in the mirror] You like Ambi? Nandini: Yes. Please, leave me alone and don't come back! Remo: You... you can't do this to me! I'm hurting! Hurting inside! Nandini: Doctor, will he turn back into Anniyan? Psychiatrist: Yes, but it is not certain where or when he will change. Most probably when there is injustice going around him. Nandini: Will he come after me if he changes again? Psychiatrist: Yes. [laughs] Remo: Rose means beauty, beauty means Nandi, as sweet as candy. Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as anniyan, to Chockalingham] Chicken-65 for the Minister? I want Chocken-65! Journalist: Such a large punishment for such a small sin? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as anniyan] As if sin come like a Banyan, in small, medium, large, extra large, sizes? Police Officer: CHAARI! Chari: PRABHAKAR! Police Officer: Hey... Chari: Sorry. You stepped on my feet! Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as Anniyan] Is it wrong to steal 5 paisa? Chockalingham: Doesnt seem very wrong. Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as Anniyan] Is it wrong if you steal 5 paisa, 5 crore times? Chockalingham: Seems to be wrong... Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as Anniyan] Is it wrong if 5 crore people steal 5 paisa, 5 crore times? Chockalingham: Seems to be very wrong... Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: That's what's happening here. Journalist: Can anyone kill just for this? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as Anniyan] Do you do this out of the confidence that no one will kill you? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [to Break company owner] Sucked the people's blood? Now, these will suck your blood. Journalist: How can you take the law into your own hands? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: If you can throw the law out, why can't I take it into my own hands? Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: [as anniyan] What are you doing? Wastrel: Can't you see? I'm resting. Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar: What did you do to need rest? Wastrel: I got tired from resting and am resting.


Ramanujam 'Ambi' Iyengar



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