Kishen is a newspaper baron married to Kaajal, a housewife who suspects her husband of having numerous non-existent affairs. Pooja is the be...更多>



Prem: [singing] A little-little L! A little-little O! A little-little V! A little-little E! Just love me... Bobby: [singing] No no no no no no no no NO ENTRY! [Kishen and Kajal are seeing a fortune teller] Kishen:


Two houses? Yes! Two cars? Yes! Two wives? Absolutely 100% accurate - hey, what nonsense are you saying?


[a shocked Kajal learns her husband has a child from his second marriage. X hurriedly takes his wife away, but sees a child running towards them, crying for his daddy] Kaajal: Oh my god! This is your child! Kishen: No, he is not my child! Kaajal: Then why is he running toward you? [Kishen cowers as the kid runs toward him - and past him to another couple] Kishen: [calling to the couple] Hey, control your kid - he almost got me killed! Sunny: Why do you keep saying be positive? Kishen: Because it's my blood group.


No Entry

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