Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story(2005)

2004-05-16(法国)| 喜剧| 加拿大
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In the fictional working-class town of Inniston, Marc Hall (Aarom Ashmore), sends ripples though Canada's media when he attempts to bring hi...更多>



Marc Hall:


I like other guys... men...


Emily Hall: Yes, I know, I know. Marc Hall: You... You know? Emily Hall: Marc. Your hair. It's blue. And you have a poster of Celine Dion on your wall. We know. Marc Hall: Faggots. That's why they say "faggots." When they used to burn people like her, St. Joan, at the stake, they would gather all the local homos and bundle them with twigs. These twigs - that's why they say faggots. Fuel for the main event. Miss Lawrence: Flamers. Marc Hall: You got it. But, hey, I mean, St. Joan was a sister of Sappho herself. Miss Lawrence: Marc, St. Joan of Arc was not a lesbian. Marc Hall: Hello - leading an army, dressing up like a guy, I mean, come on, dyke city. She was a big ol', carpet-munchin' lesbian. [Marc is on the phone with a kid in a similar situation] Marc Hall: People are gonna want to bring you down, you know? Just don't let them. Because there is nothing wrong with you, okay? Nothing. You deserve to be treated with respect. One day, you will be. [Marc is on the stand in court] Marc Hall: I've learned a lot this last little while. [Marc looks pointedly at Winn] Marc Hall: How people try and change you and make you into something that you're not. Re-create you in their own image to make them feel better about who they are. [Marc looks at his parents] Marc Hall: And I am just grateful for the people in my life who let me be who I am. Taught me to stand up for what is right and what is true. [Marc tries to hold back tears as he looks at Jason] Marc Hall: And I only regret that... that I hurt some of the people I love along the way. For that, I am sorry. [Marc and Jason exchange a look. Marc looks down and smiles] Marc Hall: In the end, all I wanna be is at my prom with my boyfriend, my friends. To be treated with respect that I deserve and should expect. As a gay man, the Charter of Rights guarantees me that respect, that level of dignity. And all I can say to that... is thank God. [Marc looks out the window to see the limo pulls up with Carly and Beau inside] Beau: [cheering] We're going to the prom! [Marc is disappointed to see that Jason isn't there] Audy Hall: Come on! [Marc nods and opens the front door. He grins when he sees Jason standing there, wearing a tux] Marc Hall: Hi. Jason: [Jason smiles] You wanna dance? [Vinci talks into his video camera] Vinci: Cinderfella made it to the ball. And so ends this triumphant gay coming-of-age fairy tale. And with any luck, like all fairy tales, they lived happily ever a - [His camera stops working... again] Vinci: Jesus! Marc Hall:


[standing in limo, preparing to leave for prom]




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story

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