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2004-02-28(法国)| 喜剧 家庭 运动| 加拿大 法国
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"15/Love" is a comedy-drama about coming-of-age in a unique, high-pressure environment. The series follows a group of young hopefuls...更多>



Coach Artie Gunnerson: There was a plane crash off the coast of the Isle of Wight in England. Meghan and Sebastian were among the passengers on the plane. There were no survivors. Squib Furlong: I can't believe I was so jealous of him. Adena Stiles: I should have been on that plane. Sunny Capuduca: Let's not start that. Cameron White: [to Squibb] You know what? My mother died while I was here. About the worse thing I ever did was not cry about it. Sunny Capuduca: You complete and total idiot! Could you be any more of a useless pathetic dork? Squib Furlong: Okay, Sunny. Sunny Capuduca: Oh, I'm Squib and I just designed a new tennis racquet. It's so cool, I'm so great. Squib Furlong: Okay, Sunny, that's good, very convincing. Sunny Capuduca: Hey, guys, who's the biggest loser who ever walked the face of the earth? Squib Furlong: You can stop now. Sunny Capuduca: It's Squib, Squib, Squib, Squib, Squib! Sunny Capuduca: Loser, loser, loser! Cody Meyers: Rick, are you sure about this? Rick: What? You want me to go shirtless? Rick: There are no such thing as idiots, there are just stupid people. Cody Meyers: If love is a game, it has to be the hardest game in the world. After all, how can anyone win a game where there's no rules? Sunny Capuduca: Where did you get your degree? On e-bay? Coach Artie Gunnerson: Sometimes life throws you curve balls. Cody Meyers: The best way to honour the dead is to go right on living. Coach Artie Gunnerson: Welcome to Cascadia, here we play to win. Sunny Capuduca: First of all, I don't care about Squib. He's a rich kid who chokes on his dust, takes tennis for granted and smells like goat. Second of all, why are you talking to me? Cody Meyers: Cause you're the only one who doesn't care. Cody Meyers: Have you ever tried talking? It's like yelling but quieter. Adena Stiles: What happened to hyper-drive girl? Meghan O'Connor: Drove her outta town. Coach Artie Gunnerson: Hey. If ever you need to unload, I'm here. Cody Meyers: I'm sorry, Coach Gunnerson. You wouldn't understand. Coach Artie Gunnerson: Let me guess - those are of Meghan and Sebastien, right? Cody Meyers: Lucky guess. I took some pictures of them just before they left for the Hamsted. Sunny Capuduca: I just blew off a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. I'm doing just fine. Sunny Capuduca: This is the only time I'll ever go easy on you. Capiche? Sunny Capuduca: Who died and made you boss? Nate: Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. That's all we know, it's all we need to know. Coach Artie Gunnerson: Thing about living is that there are always undeveloped pictures in your future. Squib Furlong: When you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything. Squib Furlong: Is that jealousy talking? Cody Meyers: No, that's a whole lotta reality talking. Tannis McTaggart: [after the referee made a bad call] What do you mean? That was out. Do you understand me? That was as out as Elton John on Pride day. Don't tell me it was in when it was out. Adena Stiles: So where's that psycho chick that I saw out on the court and why don't I see her more often? Tannis McTaggart: I don't know what you're talking about. Adena Stiles: Come on, Tannis. You're hiding something. Tannis McTaggart: Okay. Do you think that it's easy to replace Meghan O'Connor? All you do is sit around like a log. Adena Stiles: I know. Tannis, can you help me with something? Adena Stiles: How could you do this to me? You know I'm not ready for a new room-mate. I've known Meghan since I was four. President Harold Bates: I know, Adena. I'm sorry about this. Adena Stiles: And you did this without even telling me? President Harold Bates: I know we should have told you this. Tanis wasn't due to arrive until tomorrow. Adena Stiles: What kind of school is this? President Harold Bates: I know, Adena. Adena Stiles: Then you'll get rid of her? President Harold Bates: I can't do that, Adena. Tannis is a transfer student. We're very lucky to have her. Adena Stiles: Your father is a psychologist, Cody. You should have known better than to tell him that. Cody Meyers: I'm sorry, Adena. It just slipped out. Adena Stiles: How could you do this to me? Cody Meyers: All you do is go to class, practice and then you sit around your room like a log. I thought having a new room-mate would help you to stop thinking about Meghan. Adena Stiles: Did it ever occur to you that I don't want to stop? Cody Meyers: Adena! Rick: Do not try and read the book. Squib Furlong: All right, already! Rick: There is *no* book. Squib Furlong: Rick… Leave me alone! Rick: How can I leave you alone if I'm not even here? Squib Furlong: Shut up! Rick: Good, Squib. Anger is a tool, let's use it! Rick: Someone needs a hug. Squib Furlong: Get off me! Rick: Emotional outburst is key to the evolution of the grieving process. Squib Furlong: Don't get all Dr. Phil on me, I'm fine. Hartley Myers: When I was your age, I spent a lot of time being funny too. Squib Furlong: I don't believe it. Hartley Myers: Well, it's true. I was quite the ham. Squib Furlong: No, I mean, I don't believe it that you were once my age. Cameron White: [watching Tanis's legs go by] Who dat? Squib Furlong: That's Tanis McTaggart. She's a new student. Cameron White: From the A group? Squib Furlong: Where else? Cameron White: Did we pick the right group to be in or what? Rick: Perhaps I can be of assistance. My mother says that I have an IQ that rivals that of Alfred Einstein. Squib Furlong: It's Albert... Rick: Whatever. The point is, Uncle Rick is here for you. Meghan O'Connor: It's not about you winning, Adena. It's about why you always want to. Meghan O'Connor: Take me. Sebastien Dube: I thought you said you weren't a groupie? Adena Stiles: What? Cameron White: Nothing... I just never noticed before... your eyes. Adena Stiles: Thanks they came with my face. Adena Stiles: You may be being driven, I'm just not sure who's behind the wheel. Jennifer Wiley: I want you to come up with an invention. Now I don't expect anything to actually work, but what I am looking for is creativity. So let your imaginations run wild. Squib Furlong: How about an invention to make this class less boring? Cody Meyers: I don't know what to say! Squib Furlong:


Ok, then I'll do all the talking. It's time for me to stop hiding all the stupid gunk and step up to be a man, it's time for me to say that every time I close my eyes, all I see is your face and my stupid hair and my stupid chat and my stupid fans don't add up to anything. I would give up everything in a heartbeat for you!


Cody Meyers: I thought you were the kind of guy who keeps bottled up? Squib Furlong: Things change! Cody Meyers: Hey, at least you were able to break her serve this time. Adena Stiles: Yeah, only when she decided to play that set blindfolded. Sunny Capuduca: Hey, buzzard! Keep circling around, they might pity you. Squib Furlong: Sunny, it was Buzzsaw! Buzz - Saw! Sunny Capuduca: Oh, yeah, Buzzsaw, 'cause your career is sawdust! Tannis McTaggart: Sunny, calm down! Sunny Capuduca: Calm is for losers, Anger fuels my game and by the way, you're next! Sunny Capuduca: The loser collects the balls. Rick: So, Cody, want to hang out sometime? Cody Meyers: Sure Rick, I'd like that. Rick: So that means we can go steady? Cody Meyers: No, Rick. *Friends*. Rick: Friends, right, but I'm a boy, then I'd be your boy friend. Cody Meyers: No, Rick.... just friends. Rick: Okay, okay how about friends that French kiss? Cody Meyers: No, Rick! Rick: Or, or, friends that cuddle? Cody Meyers: Rick!




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾


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