karan是一位热爱漫画的漫画社的画家,Hum tum是他笔下的漫画人物。他喜欢画画,因为在漫画世界中没有国界,没有宗教,只有男孩和女孩。 karan第一次遇见Rhea是在印度飞往阿姆斯特丹的飞机上,Rhea是一个可爱活泼的女孩,两人第一次见面Karan就阴差阳错地吻...更多>



Rhea Prakash: Say it.


Karan Kapoor


: What? Rhea Prakash: What you've never said to me before. Karan Kapoor: That I love the kids and Tommy more than you? Karan Kapoor: [Walking away from Interview...starts to rain] Rain in January..? Rhea Prakash: It doesn't rain in January [Karan turns around and sees Rhea standing there his book in her hand] Rhea Prakash: This was bound to happen Karan...Because whenever we meet- Karan Kapoor: Something or the other goes wrong. [looks at the book] Karan Kapoor: Did you read the book? Rhea Prakash: [shakes head, mumbling no] uhn uh Karan Kapoor: [moves closer] How'd you like it? Rhea Prakash: [cying] Reminded me a of a friend...Have i ever told you about this friend of mine? Karan Kapoor: Never Rhea Prakash: [moving closer still] I met him many years ago... Karan Kapoor: And kept on meeting him... Rhea Prakash: Until he became my very best friend Karan Kapoor: So when he fell in love with you, why did you leave? Rhea Prakash: Because he didn't stop me Karan Kapoor: [awkwardly] I don't like the sound of this friend one bit! Rhea Prakash: Listen, don't say anything against my friend! Karan Kapoor: [standing face to face] Then what should I say? Rhea Prakash: What you never managed to say before Karan Kapoor: What? That I'll love you more than the kids and Tommie? Rhea Prakash: [grabs him by his shirt] You better! Otherwise i'll hack you up into little tiny pieces and-- Karan Kapoor: [puts his fingers to her lips] Shh! [They both start crying and hug] Karan Kapoor: [pulls away] I Love you, Rhea. [both laugh/cry and hug again] Rhea Prakash: Karan Kapoor? Karan Kapoor: That's right. [notices Rhea and stops in shock] Karan Kapoor: Nooo Way! Rhea! [walks over] Karan Kapoor: Well done, yaar. You're looking like a girl! Rhea Prakash: [swats his hand away] Don't touch me! [an arc of flowers falls down beside them] Rhea Prakash: You know what, Karan? Whenever I'm around you something HAS to go wrong. [notices his shaggy haircut] Rhea Prakash: and...'what' have you done to your hair?? Karan Kapoor: [whining]


What, this is my Tom Cruise look yaar. You wouldn't understand, its not a matter of your level. Its fashion


Hum Tum

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