The Roaring 20's a time of prosperity. Jazz is king, the Mob rules the streets, and Demons are running a mock. Enter Sister Rosette Christop...更多>



[During a conversation with Chrno, Rosette looks down and sees Elder under the table looking up her dress] Edward 'The Elder' Hamilton: I see Paris, I see France, I see someone's... Sister Rosette Christopher: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! [Rosette blushes red and covers her skirt] Edward 'The Elder' Hamilton: This time more whiter than the french fry. [Rosette takes the spoon from Chrno's bowl] Sister Rosette Christopher: Perverted old man! I'll kill you with this spoon! [Elder rolls to his side, dodging Rosette's thrust with the spoon] Chrono: [watching the rain fall] Depressing, isn't it? Sister Rosette Christopher: No. Considering we were up all night on a mission, and they ask us to do the shopping on our way home. I'd say it's more than depressing, it's the absolute worst. Azmaria Hendrick: [being tossed around in the back seat] I'm sorry, I said I could do it by myself. Sister Rosette Christopher: What are you talking about? It was obvious to all of us that you couldn't do it alone! Azmaria Hendrick: [the phone rings] Oh, the Phone! Whoah! [falls down] Chrono: Oh, are you all right, Azmaria? Azmaria Hendrick: Yeah, I'm jake Sister Rosette Christopher: You just stay put. Chrono answer the phone! Chrono: huh what? Sister Rosette Christopher: Can't you see I'm busy someone's gotta dirve! Chrono: Hello? Oh, Father Remington, Rosette can't answer the phone right now. Sister Rosette Christopher: [grabs the phone and talks excitedly] Oh, hello, Father. Chrono: oh boy Azmaria Hendrick: Shoud she do that while driving? Sister Anna, Sister Mary, Sister Claire: [all Girls in Unison] Hi, Chrono! [Anna] Sister Anna: Is Rosette writing more apologies? Then again, I guess that's what happens when a servant of God destroys an entire building. Sister Mary: A building? I heard it was a whole block [Sister Anna, coils in surprise] Sister Claire: Actually I heard it was a whole island. [Anna coils in greater shock] Sister Claire: It must be so hard Chrono: [sheepishly] Well, it happens every time. Sister Rosette Christopher: [shouts] It happens every time?


Sister Anna


, Sister Mary, Sister Claire: [unison] Oh, Rosette! Sister Rosette Christopher: A whole block, was it? An Island? Blowing people's mistakes out of proportion is so much fun, isn't it? [shouts] Sister Rosette Christopher: But were you there? [Rosette moves her head around, seeing the girls run away] Sister Anna: Who would want to be teamed up with you? Sister Rosette Christopher: [while driving erratically] Say, why do you think Sister Kate is such a pill anyway? Chrono: Could it be because you are always doing things that make her angry? Sister Rosette Christopher: Good, because only those who believe can be saved so they say. Get it? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Sister Rosette Christopher: [the slot machine in the casion rolls two 7's and a lemon, Rosette is frustrated] Chrono Give me a coin!" Sister Rosette Christopher: [Chrono slaps her hand] Hey what's the big idea? Chrono: You've had it nun-girl! Sister Rosette Christopher: But poopsie, we've come all this way to Sin City, so why not sin a little? Besides how often does a girl get to where an outfit like this. [Lustfully] Sister Rosette Christopher: Come on Chrono, you know you want some of this. [she waves her rear at him] Sister Rosette Christopher: Come on big, boy give me a coin. Just one more? Chrono: Forget it, the mission comes first! [he attmpts to pull her away from the machine, she holds on] Sister Rosette Christopher: [whining] Whaaa, I don't want to go. [she breaks the machine handle] Sister Rosette Christopher: [both panic and run away] Sister Rosette Christopher: [at a casino, Rosette plays with a slot machine. The slots go to 7, 7, and a lemon. Rosette gets mad, Chrono sighs] Chrono, give me a coin! Sister Rosette Christopher: [Chrono slaps her hand] Hey! What's in your button? Chrono: You have it, nun girl! This is no time to be gambling around a casino! Sister Rosette Christopher: But, Poopsie, we've come all this way to Sin City, so why not sin a little? And besides, how often does a girl get to where something like this? Don't try to tell me you don't like it to. Sister Rosette Christopher: [she moves her ass at Chrono. Chrono turns red] Look, Chrono, look, look. Give me a coin. Come on, big spender. Just one more? Chrono: No! The mission comes first! Sister Rosette Christopher: [he tries to pull Rosette away, but she holds on the slot machine handle] Aaaah haa haa! I don't want to go! Can you hear? The slots are calling me! Just one more time please!


[she breaks the slot machine handle. They scream and run off]




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Chrono Crusade"

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