"Cold Case"

"Cold Case" (2003) 7.7

2004-06-09(德国)| 犯罪 灾难 惊悚| 美国
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Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department's homicide squad and being assinged 'cold cases'; crimes that have ...更多>



Henry Floyd: What are you looking at? Lilly Rush: [whispers] A dead man. And get those feet off my table. Lilly Rush: From 1983. Nick Vera: An '83 case can wait. Come on, Lilly. Lilly Rush: No, it can't. It's waited long enough. [to Lilly] Tom Stillman: Why do women always have "high hopes" for men who want to kill them? Lilly Rush: She miscarried in September of '85 and gave birth in October of '86. She had to have gotten pregnant again fast. Nick Vera: According to the way Silver described her, that would have taken all of an hour. J.T. Simms: [sees Lilly for the first time] Check out "Homicide Barbie". Will Jeffries: Who's Fanny? Lilly Rush: One of the factory girls. Nick Vera: Do you think she shot her husband? Lilly Rush: We better find out... Will Jeffries: I'm going with you. I'd LOVE to meet an 80-year-old who shot a guy... Todd Whitley: What is the point of all of this, after so many years? Lilly Rush: People shouldn't be forgotten. They matter. Todd Whitley: You're a crusader. Lilly Rush: I guess I am. Nora Lincoln: Mom, leave her alone. Della Lincoln: The girl needs help. Nora Lincoln: Daddy? Derek Lincoln: Don't look at me. I got a daughter who majors in business, a wife who majors in other people's business. Me, I'm just a restaurant owner. Robert Richter 2004: I knew this would come back to haunt me one day, I just knew it. Scotty Valens: Yeah, well... Boo! Lilly Rush: People shouldn't be forgotten. They matter. They should get justice, too. Ryan: And you know what, I want you to drop my dad's case. Lilly Rush: When I'm so close to the truth? Not a chance. Scotty Valens: Who's that charmer? Lilly Rush: A.D.A Kite, he's above cops. Scotty Valens: Ain't above checking you out. Nick Vera: A triple murder gets you a date with the needle real quick. Chris: New York's only a few hours away, so if you're not busy, maybe sometime, I mean only if you want to, we can... go see the Eiffel Tower or something. Bobbi: I knew when I opened that package he couldn't have paid for those boots. But I wanted them so much I always regretted that. Lilly Rush: It wouldn't have mattered. Hank would have never have let you give those boots back. Bobbi: How do you know? Lilly Rush: Because I knew someone just like him. Once. Monty: You wanna watch me kill myself? Scotty Valens: No joke, Monty, I wanna see. That last step off a the bridge, knowing you won't be in this world any more. Monty: Why? Scotty Valens: Cause the ones you leave behind - there are so many questions . If I watch you, maybe I'll be able to help your people. Tom Stillman: Do you think someone who had a nervous breakdown after four months at Fort Hood could survive five years in the Hanoi Hilton? Scotty Valens: Did your dad follow up with this guy? Daniel: Not that I heard about. Nick Vera: If I spent five years in a box getting tortured while some guy is taking my wife to dinner... Scotty Valens: I'd follow up. Roger Raitt: [about being a POW] It made me realize any day I wake up with the doorknob on the inside of the door, it's a good day. Cindy: [about her abusive husband] And you tell yourself that it was just a shove really. He didn't mean it, he loves me, so you stay. Nancy: We all stayed. Cindy: Until one day you realize the door you could've walked out a long time ago is nailed shut forever. Lilly Rush: So you ever see Cindy again? Nancy: [shaking her head] Usually don't after a woman goes back to her husband. Unless I pay a visit to the local cemetery.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Cold Case"

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