Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart

Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha St...

2003-05-19(美国)| 加拿大 美国
国家/地区:加拿大 美国 
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Martha Stewart: Hey, slut! I'm writing your mother a letter telling her you're a whore. Martha Stewart: Did I NOT ask for merlot? Martha Stewart: Hi, I'm Martha Stewart. Sometimes we learn something new about orchids. But today we're going to learn an entirely new recipe with lima beans. Are you kidding me? Where are the lima beans? I'm sitting here talking about lima beans, and there aren't any? Someone on my staff forgot to put out the lima beans? Excuse me?! Why is everyone here so stupid? Martha Stewart: I've got balls, Caroline. I just don't have 85 million dollars! Martha Stewart: I want cotton. I want three-hundred thread count minimum, or this face doesn't sell these sheets. Just because Kmart sells inexpensive products doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. That's why I'm here: not to sink to your level, but to raise you to mine.


Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart

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