Tru Davies, a medical grad student in Boston whose grant is suddenly pulled out from under her, takes a job at a local morgue. There, she di...更多>



Tru: Have a little faith in your sister. Jack Harper: Have a little faith in your sister. Tru: My friend Lindsay works in public relations. Davis: So do we, except our public happens to be dead. [talking about a financial situation Harrison has gotten himself into] Tru: What happens if you don't pay? Harrison Davies: I'll be in trouble. Tru: How much trouble? Harrison Davies: Let's just say I may be asking for your help at the end of the night... you know, from beyond. Tru: HARRISON! Harrison Davies: I'm just kidding. Man, talk to a few dead people and lose your sense of humor... [operating on a live woman, to try and save her life] Davis: I can't do it. Tru: Why not? Davis: The living creep me out. Geoffrey: You can't get mad cow from a bull, that's why they call it "cow". Tru: It must be nice living in your world, Harrison. Harrison Davies: What, do you got some kind of death wish? Jack Harper: Harrison, death isn't something you have to wish for. It's coming anyway. Tru: C'mon, I'm taking you somewhere safe. Harrison Davies: Safe? What's safer than a morgue? Davis: [to Harrison] I'm so sorry. Please, accept my condolences. You were so... young. Harrison Davies: Dude, I'm still alive. I died yesterday. Harrison Davies: [to Davis] See ya later, Morgue Man. Jack Harper: You know, Daivs is a nice guy, but why do I get the feeling that we're gonna come in here one morning and all the corpses are gonna be dressed up for an imaginary tea party? Davis: Pretty girl is nothing but trouble... Tru: [to Jack]


It's MY turn to talk, so listen up! My mother had the calling, and she passed it on to me, and if you think you one minute that I am EVER going to stop, you are saddly mistaken! So you just better watch your back, cause its on!


Jack Harper: I thought a change of location would help. It didn't. I'm hoping a change of vocation will. Jack Harper: No one should die on an empty stomach. Tru: [after Jack let Megan slip off the building] I wish it was you. Jack Harper: That makes two of us. Lindsay Walker: My note, turned one guy into a liar... and another one... *gay*! Tru: The power of the written words! Glenn Carpenter: There is something I always wanted to tell you, I always thought that you were the most beautiful girl in school... then you left that note in my locker... Lindsay Walker: I left that note in your locker? Glenn Carpenter: That note changed my life. Lindsay Walker: It did? Glenn Carpenter: It made me realize some very important thing... I couldn't have feelings for you, I couldn't have feelings for any girl. Lindsay Walker: Are you telling me that my note, made you... gay? Glenn Carpenter: A note made me gay! Let me tell you something, at 10th reunion... then the tiara is mine! Lindsay Walker: Oh. Glenn Carpenter: Hello, can I have your attention please? It's now time to announce the class of '99's five-year reunion-queen... The queen is - Candace Aimes! Candace Aimes: Wow! Thank you so much, this is such a surprise!... Okay, not that much of a surprise. Tru: I can't stop thinking about Candace Aimes, could you think of anyone who still are holding a grudge against her? Lindsay Walker: Strange question, let me think... I know! The entire graduating class. Jeremy: [pickup line] You're not Tru. You're too good to be Tru. Tru: No fires here today. Mark Evans: Well, not in the building anyway. Tru: [Jensen just lit a candle] Who is that one for? Jensen Ritchie: [blows it out] Nobody. Jack Harper: Good people has to die too, Tru.


"Tru Calling"

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