"Dragnet" (2003) 6.9

2003-02-02(美国)| 犯罪| 美国
上映时间:2003-02-02(美国) 类型: 犯罪
评分: 力荐

"Dum-de-dum-dum!" Those four notes signaled the 2003 return of one of TV's all-time classic police dramas, "Dragnet." This t...更多>



Det. Frank Smith: Sadistic son-of-a-bitch tortured her with electricity. Det. Frank Smith: No, you're not A suspect, you're THE suspect. Det. Frank Smith: Victims, like your daughter here. Lydia Stoffel: That's my son. [Franks looks at the picture again] Det. Frank Smith: Fine, we'll get warrants. But that's gonna take time and really piss us off. Det. Joe Friday: So, more jail time and we'll have to get animal control to come down here and euthanize these little fluff balls. Alice: What? Det. Frank Smith: So sad. Det. Frank Smith: Premature ejaculation... we got a squirter! Det. Frank Smith: The guy sure did know how to live... when he was alive. Det. Joe Friday: Don't eat the dead guys candy, Smith! Drug Dealer: Cops, the other white meat. Det. Frank Smith: You hear what he did there, Joe? He called us pigs, but in like a roundabout kinda way. Greg: My lawyer's gonna eat you. Det. Joe Friday: You ever notice how many people claim their lawyers eat human flesh? Det. Frank Smith: Might be a cult thing. Det. Frank Smith: This city owes me a new pair of Italian ankle boots. Det. Joe Friday: Yeah, Italian by way of Taiwan. Det. Frank Smith: What size do you wear? eight, nine? [Greg looks confused] Det. Frank Smith: Your shoes. Greg: Seven. Det. Frank Smith: Seven. That's cute. Me, I got clown's feet. Man: You gonna bother these people? Det. Frank Smith: We're gonna bother a lot of people until we find out who bothered Whitney Lynde. Det. Frank Smith: Your dialing finger broken? Det. Joe Friday: Next time you want to make the news, step in front of a bus. Det. Joe Friday: Be polite? I am polite! What does she think I'm gonna do, pee in a wastebasket? Det. Frank Smith: I heard you did that once. Det. Frank Smith: Stop! You're really pissing me off! Det. Joe Friday: There's a word for that woman. Unfortunately, that word is not in my vocabulary. Det. Joe Friday: If your client tells us you advised him to lie, I'll be at your disbarment hearing. Det. Joe Friday: I'm on a budget. I'm not buying a story that changes every day. Det. Joe Friday: You have the right to remain silent, so do it! Det. Joe Friday: You know why cops serve arrest warrants at six AM? Because people are sleepy and stupid, full of attitude. Det. Joe Friday: [narration] They come out in force, the press. A celebrity gets murdered, the world goes crazy with curiosity. In a way we're like the ancient Greeks, we need our gods to be human. We need to know bad things happen to them too. Just like the rest of us.



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