"Pirate Islands"

"Pirate Islands" (2003) 5.5

2003-03-26(美国)| 动作 冒险 家庭| 澳大利亚
上映时间:2003-03-26(美国) 类型: 动作 冒险 家庭
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Mars: Kate has a delightful treehouse. Carmen:


Really? A treehouse? Where is it?


Mars: In a tree. [Mars is delirious during a fever caused by Blackhearts poison] Mars: Tell Kate, her smile is good. It's crooked, but I like it. Kate: I'll tell her. Blackheart: Just as soon as we find the treasure, you'll all get what's coming to you. Each and every one of you. [Kate answers her mobile/cell phone] Kate: What!? Carmen: What is she doing? Mars: She, is talking to her sister! Carmen: How?! Sarah: What's a good name for a plant? [To Perry] Carmen: YOU'RE BANISHED! A Castaway: You can't do that. Only Mars can do that. Carmen: Mars has already agreed. Get off our island, and never come back! [Kate tries to get the pirates attention] Kate: Oh No... [Louder] Kate: OH NO! Blackheart: After her. Kate: About time. Nick: You can't trust pirates, they'll double cross you any day. Mars: Tell me, when are you going to give us Captain Quaids logbook? Kate: How about never? Mars: No, it's gotta be sooner then that. [About his flying power up] Nick: I get it. Green is for go and red is for stop. Sarah: My brother the rocket scientist Blackheart: So you've come to rescue her, have you? How quaint. Mars: Two against one. I like the odds! Blackheart: How about three against one? Kate: I'll leave pirate islands and never come back Mars: Never come back? Mars: Never come back. do you think she meant it? Carmen: I hope so. Mars: I never realized. Kate: We all have to leave behind things that we don't want to. Kate: I'd come back if I could. You know that. Mars: That's that then. Mars: Go on Blackheart do your worst. Blackheart: Only when you're no longer good as bait, boy. Sarah: Me sarah, got it? Me Sara. Nick: You Wacko. Kate: Where's my stereo? <


b>Mars: It's alright. I put it in the keg. Kate: Where's the keg? Mars: I threw it out the window. Blackheart: She's broken, beatin. I'll have no more trouble from 'er. Sarah: A sword? Kate: A sword. Sarah: Those things are sharp. [Mars breaks Kate's sword during a lesson] Mars: Lesson one: get yourself a better sword. Mars: You have your wits and three feet of steal. What more protection do you need? Kate: Tell me what I'm doing wrong. Mars: You're losing. Kate: Why didn't he come himself? Sarah: He was embarrassed. Kate: Embarrassed? He doesn't know the meaning of the word. Sarah: It's a boy thing. [The training lake] Kate: It's beautiful. Mars: And useful. Mars: This is how you've got to fight. Forget about the log under your feet. The water below. Come on. Sarah: Mars. You know. The good looking guy. Always pleased with himself. Blackheart: Our enemy is that door. Kate: They kicked you out? Mars: I let them down. Kate: Mars was programmed to fight against the pirates. Who's going to stop them now? [Talking about Mars sword work] Sarah: He makes everything look so easy. Kate: How do I make it look? Sarah: Funny. [Rubbing at crosses on the trees] Kate: We rub off their marks and they forget which trees they've checked. They'll go round in circles. Mars: It doesn't seem to be working. [She continues rubbing at the marks] Mars: It still doesn't seem to be working. Kate: You may not care if you live or die, but other people do. Kate: She won't be a problem for us anymore. Sarah: How do you know? Kate: She got demoted. Kate: What do you do to a door? You... you knock! Nick: This is it. Were going home!




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震

"Pirate Islands"

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