"The Forsyte Saga"

"The Forsyte Saga" (2002) 8.4

2002-04-07(英国)| 爱情| 英国
上映时间:2002-04-07(英国) 类型: 爱情
评分: 力荐

In Victorian England, Soames Forsyte, a man from a wealthy and arrogant family, meets a falls in love with Irene Herron, a poor woman. After...更多>



[when Soames proposes] Irene Forsyte: You must promise me that if our marriage is not a success, you will set me free. [when Soames proposes] Irene Forsyte: If I marry you, you must make me one promise. If our marriage isn't a success, you must set me free. Soames Forsyte: You are my wife! [refering to Irene] Soames Forsyte: She is mine! [after their daughter is born] Annette Forsyte: Ma petite fleur. Soames Forsyte: Fleur. We'll call her Fleur. Soames Forsyte: Miss Heron, will you be mine? Irene Forsyte: I will marry you, Mr Forsyte. Jolyon: [at Robin Hill] Would you like to see the house? Soames Forsyte: I've seen it. George Liversedge: [talking about Irene, who has disappeared] Ten to one he [Soames] George Liversedge: has finished her off and buried her in the garden.


"The Forsyte Saga"

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