"Footballers' Wives" (2002)

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"Footballers' Wives"


  • Jackie Pascoe: Going out with a page three model is one thing but getting married to one is embarrassing. Frank Laslett: I think you should be my agent, I'm the one who needs an image makeover. Hazel Bailey: Sorry Frank, even if you gave both your kidneys to dying babies you'd still smell like a septic tank. Hazel Bailey: You're late. Jason Turner: Yeah... traffic Hazel Bailey: Car knocked over a cyclist outside Piccadilly tube, you, being a good Samaritan stopped and dialed .. if you're going to make an excuse, spin it so you win it. Tanya Turner: Just when Chardonnay was beginning to think you might be a human bloody being! Jason Turner: Chardonnay... thinking? [Laughs] Jason Turner: What, with her singed tits? Jason Turner: I hope your freakoid baby dies, Kyle! Tanya Turner: Just a friendly warning for the future, you go anywhere near my husband again and it'll take more than Botox to sort your face out! Jason Turner: All right Lara Croft? Freddie Hauser: Oh, so you are still speaking to me after I drop kicked your testicles down the back of your throat? Amber Gates: You're more of a cat person are you not? Hazel Bailey: I've always loved my pussy. Tanya Turner: I've decided there is only one man for me..."Charlie". Hazel Bailey: Come on love, let's be fair to dicks, they're great bits of tackle. Tanya Turner: It's what's on the end of them that's the problem. Hazel Bailey: I know that's why I keep mine in my handbag. Amber Gates: I can't believe she's having a Caesarean now, she knows I'm in labor Janette Dunkley: Her little one's in distress Amber Gates: So would you be if you were her baby. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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