"Enterprise" (2001) 7.4

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In the early twenty-second century, the starship Enterprise is launched. Her mission is to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and...更多>



Captain Archer: Take your Vulcan cynicism and bury it with your repressed emotions. Captain Archer: Am I sensing concern? Last I checked, that was considered an emotion. [about phase pistols] Lt. Reed: They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them. Commander Tucker: [after being cursed at by a Klingon and not understanding him] Well I don't particularly like the way YOU smell, either. Captain Archer: [after using a "phase pistol" for the first time] Well, I guess stun works. Captain Archer: What's the matter? No genetic tricks to keep you from getting knocked on your butt? [Eating a piece of cheese while talking to his dog, Porthos] Captain Archer: You know that you and cheddar don't get along. Commander Tucker: You aren't saying much tonight. Don't tell me you're still upset about me and Amanda. Subcommander T'Pol: I'm not upset. Commander Tucker: Sure sounds like it. Subcommander T'Pol: You're mistaken. Commander Tucker: Why would a few neuropressure sessions between me and a MACO be such a big deal. Unless... Subcommander T'Pol: Unless what? Commander Tucker: Unless you're a little jealous. Subcommander T'Pol: I don't experience jealousy.


Commander Tucker


: You're doing a pretty fair imitation of it. Subcommander T'Pol: I am not, in any way, jealous of you and Corporal Cole. Commander Tucker: You know, your voice is tensing up. That's a dead giveaway. Subcommander T'Pol: I didn't know you were an expert in vocal inflections. Commander Tucker: I don't need to be an expert to read you. Come on, admit it. You're a little jealous. Subcommander T'Pol: Are you implying that I'm attracted to you? Commander Tucker: That kind of goes along with the assumption, doesn't it? Subcommander T'Pol: Is there something else? Commander Tucker: You and Trip used to spend a lot of time here together. Subcommander T'Pol: I was instructing him in the practice of Vulcan neuropressure. Commander Tucker: I remember. We were lying right there [points to floor] Commander Tucker: working the neural nodes on each other's feet, talking about the warp engines. How I was hoping to modify them. Subcommander T'Pol: How Commander Tucker was hoping to modify them. Commander Tucker: [dejected] Right, Commander Tucker. [pause] Commander Tucker: You know, he was really starting to enjoy those sessions with you. Subcommander T'Pol: They were helping him sleep. Commander Tucker: [voice getting quieter] I'm not sure that's the only reason. Subcommander T'Pol: What do you mean? Commander Tucker: Was there ever anything between you and Trip? Subcommander T'Pol: If you are referring to a romantic relationship... no. Commander Tucker: The reason I ask is... well... you're all I think about, if you know what I mean. And, I'm not talking about an adolescent crush. That was... well, that was two days ago. This is much more serious, the way I feel about you. Anyway, what's driving me crazy is, I don't know if these feelings are mine... or his. Subcommander T'Pol: [voice cracking] I can't answer that. Commander Tucker: I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Subcommander T'Pol: I'm not uncomfortable. Commander Tucker: I just thought I should tell you this, while I still had the chance. Subcommander T'Pol: May I come in? [Sim nods OK] Subcommander T'Pol: I just wanted to say how much your absence will affect the crew... how much it will affect me. Commander Tucker: I appreciate that. All in all, I guess I've a pretty good life... [T'Pol steps forward and gives him a short but sweet kiss] Commander Tucker: I couldn't have asked for a better going away present. Subcommander T'Pol: I think you're mistaken about who's attracted to whom.


Commander Tucker




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震


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