The Cat's Meow (2002)

  • 加拿大 德国
The Cat's Meow
  • 又       名The Cat's Meow
  • 编       剧 Steven Per...


  • Charlie Chaplin: Did you really believe I would stay away? Marion Davies: No, but you should really believe I didn't want you here. Thomas Ince: Can I be frank with you? W. R. Hearst: You can be whoever you like. [laughs at his own joke] Marion Davies: Nothing can happen this weekend. Charlie Chaplin: So what are you doing next weekend? Tom Ince: Anyhow, failure is a character builder, right Charlie? Charlie Chaplin: I don't know, Tom. You tell me. Charlie: If you were starving and you had no food, would you eat your shoe? Marion: What? Charlie: Your shoe. Would you eat it? Marion: Um, of course I would. Charlie: You would? Marion: I'd have to boil it first. Charlie: *That's* funny. Thomas Ince: You're a civilized man. W. R. Hearst: Oh, and why does that surprise you, Tom? Thomas Ince: Because you have the power to act uncivilized. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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