"The Book Group"

"The Book Group" (2001) 7.8

2001-09-15(英国)| 喜剧| 英国
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American Clare Pettengill, newly arrived in Glasgow, starts up a book group in order to make some new friends. The group consists of three u...更多>



Clare Pettengill: No, it's not a dirty book. It's just French. [Kenny's 16 year-old girlfriend Harriet is on the phone] Harriet: He's on the twelfth chapter. I read the first eleven and it's a MASTERPIECE. It's like Walter Scott meets the Horse Whisperer. Yeah. Are you going clubbing next weekend? Janice McCann: I have sinned, father. I am a sinner. Priest: Was it anybody famous this time? Kenny McLeod: Harriet, maybe it's not working out, this living together. Harriet: What are you talking about? Kenny McLeod: Well, there's not a lot of space here and with me working at home and all... Harriet: Are you dumping me? Kenny McLeod: No, I'm just saying I don't think we should live together. Harriet: My God. This is extraordinary. We're having our first row, and you're dumping me. You bastard! How dare you abuse me like this, Kenny McLeod you misogynistic brute! Women born after 1985 don't put up with this sort of shit! Ever! Jean Pettengill: Oh, that's my other news. I'm getting married. Clare Pettengill: Oh, I didn't realize you were seeing anyone. Jean Pettengill: I'm not. It's just a visa thing. Clare Pettengill: What? Oh, just ignore those letters. Lachlan Glendenning: She talks about you in her sleep, you know Kenny. Kenny McLeod: Does she? Clare Pettengill: Do I? What do I say? Lachlan Glendenning: Kenny... Kenny... Kennykins... Lachlan Glendenning: So you liked my installation? [Fist nods and smiles] Lachlan Glendenning: [Long pause] Why? Clare Pettengill: I think I'm suffering from clinical depression. Rab: Brilliant. Clare Pettengill: [after reading "The Little Engine that Could"] Barney, did you think that little engine was going to make it up that mountain? Barney Glendenning: Mm. Yes, I did, Clare. After all, 'tis an American book. Dirka: [Fist and Dirka are lying on a couch daydreaming about Kenny] Kenny makes us work so hard... Fist de Grooke: I've never felt so good.


Dirka: What do you think his penis looks like? Fist de Grooke: I think it's very big. Dirka: Do you think he uses a pump? Fist de Grooke: What? Dirka: I read that somewhere. Fist de Grooke: I think he uses his fingers. Dirka, Fist de Grooke: [simultaneously] Mmmmmm... Clare Pettengill: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Jean Pettengill: Do you fancy a cup of fuck off?




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"The Book Group"

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