"Mutant X" (2001)

  • 加拿大 美国
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  • 动作  冒险  奇幻
"Mutant X"
  • 片       名"Mutant X&#...
  • 上映时间2002年05月05日(西班牙)
  • 导       演 Andrew Pot...John Bell


  • Brennan: Check it out. I've got 2 to 1 odds, $100 that Shalimar won't go through with it. Jesse: You know, this is the most important decision of her life. How could you be so cold? Brennan: Even odds? Jesse: You're on. Barry: You know what? Brennan: What? Barry: You throw energy. I *am* energy. Brennan: Your parents must be proud. Adam: Understanding your opponents weaknesses is important in everything. Emma: Then what are yours? Adam: None of your damn business. Shalimar: I shouldn't have worn these pants. My underwear is riding up big time. Emma: You're wearing underwear? Shalimar: You're not? [to Shalimar in the garden] Emma: Are you just going to sit here and brood all day? Or are you just practicing intimidating the plants? Shalimar: The genetic code to manipulating free will is in that [Faberge] Shalimar: egg. Zack: It's amazing what's in eggs these days. [after confronting a bear] Brennan: Why didn't you let me blast him? Shalimar: He's not our killer. Brennan: How do you know? Shalimar: I asked him. Irina: [after knocking Brennan over the head] What are you doing here? Brennan: I'd heard the girls are knockouts. Guess I should have asked what they meant. Shalimar: We just traveled through time and you're telling me not to freak out? Shalimar: Why don't you pick on somebody your own...my size? Emma: I grew up in Seattle,I can't believe I'm praying for rain. Jesse: 20 bucks. Brennan: What? Jesse: We agreed that the first one who use his powers pays the other 20 bucks. Brennan: I should have let him crack you in the back of the head? Jesse: No. [pause] Jesse: 20 bucks. Brennan: You know your lucky I'm a man of my word. [hands over $20 as he shocks Jesse] Jesse: Ow! Brennan: Oh, I'm sorry. I must have rubbed my feet on the carpet. Jesse: I never figured you as a sore loser. Brennan: Keep talking and I'll show you what sore really means. Jesse: Oh, that sounds like a threat. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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