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2001-10-14(加拿大)| 加拿大
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This is a show about the lives of students at Degrassi Community School. There are about 15 main characters: Paige Michalchuk, Marco Del Ros...更多>



JT: Liberty, I'm not gay, okay? Liberty: You lied? JT: Yes, 'cause you just wouldn't take a hint. Liberty: Am I really that horrible? Ashley: Paige, we've been friends since grade two, which is seven years. That's half our lives. Paige: Is this an apology or a math problem? Emma: So what did you guys do last night? JT: Just imagine the worst night ever and then multiply it by eternity Spinner: I get it. Polar bears are white; I'm white; and you're a racist. Ashley: Not only did my dad tell me he's gay, but he left us for his boyfriend. I've come to a decision, my dad is cut out of my life. Terri: C'mon Ash, you're overreacting. Ashley: No, I'm not, I have my mom and Jeff and I even have Toby. Terri: I don't have a mom. Do you know how that feels? Ashley: That's different. Terri: Yeah, it is, because you have a choice. My mom is dead. She's never coming back. Ashley: I'm allowed to imagine. Paige: No. No, you're not. Marco: Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean I'm automatically attracted to you. Are you attracted to every girl? Spinner: If they're hot. Marco: Well... you're not. Spinner: See that's where you're off-base. I mean, let's agree to disagree. Spinner: [trying to get tickets to a concert] What about you, Marco? You're mom's in the music biz. Marco: She teaches piano. Emma: You like her, she likes you... Toby: Her brother likes to maim and kill. JT: With his teeth. Terri: I made $500 today being a plus-size model. Yeah, plus-size. How much did you make today, ice cream boy? [after watching Spinner practice dance moves] Paige:


I've seen better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade 3 sock hop.


Paige: I saw better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade three sock hop. Liberty: Some advice: Find a dictionary and look up "pathetic". Marco: I hate bees, OK? They're like flying death monkeys. Ellie: Guys suck, Ashley. They enjoy messing with our feelings - and then sticking us with the rent. Ashley: It's just been one disaster after another after another. That school is cursed. Paige: New year, new look, new Paige! Jimmy: Okay, I'm not saying you can't dance 'cause you're white. I'm saying you can't dance 'cause you *suck*. Spinner: Being an idiot is OK sometimes. Manny: Liberty sees an opportunity. She goes for it. She's like a rabid wolverine. Marco: Your hair? It's so last year, buddy. Your shoes? They never match... to tell you the truth, you're not even cute. Craig: So... when in doubt, kiss Craig? Emma: If your parent insist on buying tropical hardwood, tell them that by buying the toilet seat they're destroying the rainforest. JT: Listen, Tobes, you can cry if you want. But I'm not going to give you a hug. Liberty: Emma, are you really gonna let a couple of prepubescebt boys dictate your amusement? Manny: J.T.'s a boy. Who knows what's going on in his head? Hazel: More than your armpits will hurt if you don't shut your pie-hole. JT: Teachers aren't people; they're... teachers. Paige: Even I'm amazed at my brilliance. Craig: Marco, with your hair all big like that, you kinda look like Ashley. Alex: I don't play well with others. Spinner: Man, any more bitter and she'd be a lemon. Marco: Come on, man. A little romance is not gonna kill ya. Manny: Liberty's losing her math. It must be love. Ellie: Monogamy. Wow. What a difficult concept. Manny: One more thing: no talking about the environment, the environment is not sexy, do not talk about it. Toby: I'm gonna be the first Jewish monk. Craig: Why are they teaching us about soil erosion? I'm not a farmer, I'm never gonna be a farmer. Paige: Do not let the cult of yoga suck you in. You'll end up wearing batik and eating speight. JT: You can't just leave! United we stand. Divided we suck. Toby: Just what the country needs - more J.T. Liberty: Emma lives for stabbing you in the back, ripping out your heart and then stomping it bloodless with her pointy ballerina feet. Jimmy: Your friend's gay, stop hating and just deal. Alex: If my boyfriend showed up and treated me that way, I'd be shopping for a new boyfriend. Ashley: I broke all my fingers. In a freak... a freak cupboard-closing incident. Hazel: I hope they have yoga in jail. Toby: Last day of school, here I come. Paige: A big romantic with a disposable income. The best kind. Liberty: You never stop surprising me, J.T. You're normally such - how do I put this nicely? - a slob. Ashley: This is gonna be the best year ever! Toby: So, ready for Day 1 of the rest of our junior high lives? Emma: Let's declare the revolution begun. To heck with guys! Hazel: You're doing the nod of sleep. It's not attractive. Craig: No lip, or I'll smother you in sweat. Marco: Spin, stop being a drama queen, OK? Jimmy: Alex, a heart. Try to find one. Alex: You know fake cheese is one ingredient away from being plastic? Liberty: Jealousy's really ugly, Emma. Ellie: Spinner, rule No.1 of puberty: Shower every day. JT: Oh, hey, Ashley, I wondered when you'd tune into my love vibe. Manny: I know it's not good for me. But it tastes like... happy! Alex: It's OK to be single for twenty minutes. Paige: You do know you can be secrecy-challenged sometimes, right? Spinner: Excitement makes me fart. [Spinner farts]


Marco: Awwww! Aww man you're sick! Craig: Spinner! Not in the car! Spinner: Sorry, excitement makes me fart. Jimmy: C'mon, let's go. Spinner: Can't. My bat... it's wooden. Jimmy: Sorry, I couldn't hear you. Sorry? Spinner: ...I have a boner... Jimmy: Oh... I don't know what I'm doing... [hands Spinner his binder] Jimmy: Here. Spinner: Great. [puts binder over his crotch] Spinner: A binder boner shield. Marco: Well, after the pimp hat, and the bee incident, and what my dad said, I thought you were never gonna talk to me again. Dylan: Well, it crossed my mind, but... I do think you're pretty cute. Marco: So then... does this mean that I can have another shot? A chance to redeem myself? Dylan: Well, that depends. [Dylan kisses Marco] Dylan: What are you doing this Friday? Ashley: Jimmy, I'm sorry. But I'm just not ready for this. Paige might be but... Jimmy: Wait! What about Paige? Ashley: She's ready for this. She's done this. Jimmy: You think I'm gonna leave you for Paige? Ashley: I'm sorry I'm not ready. Jimmy: Good. Because to tell you the truth, neither am I. JT: Aww... Did Emma pee her pants? Emma: No. I just started my period. Something that happens to... oh... 50% of the population. Paige: Four years of high school. Will you spend them cool with us? Or as a social loser outcast with her? You decide. Spinner: Because we are going to party! Craig: No party, Spin. Spinner: Girls? Craig: No girls. Spinner: Booze? Craig: No booze. Spinner: Donuts? Craig: That we can do! Dean: Come on, Spirit. We had fun. Paige: Fun? You call what you did to me FUN? Sean Cameron: Shut up. Spinner: No, you shut up. Sean Cameron: You shut up. Spinner: Shut up. Sean Cameron: Shut up. Spinner: You shut up. Craig: Why don't you both shut up?


"Degrassi: The Next Generation"

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