Beat (2000) 5.4

2000-01-29(美国)| 美国
获奖信息:莫斯科国际电影节(2000年) 获奖:1
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Lucien Carr: They'll probably give me the chair for this, huh? William S. Burroughs: Don't be absurd. They don't fry freshman literature students. Joan Vollmer: So, do they have ruins down in Guatemala? William S. Burroughs:


It's all ruins. Or it all will be, given enough time.


Joan Vollmer: Ah, just like people. William S. Burroughs: Yes. But people decay more promptly than Mayan temples. Joan Vollmer: And what does your young man make of the Mayans? William S. Burroughs: Well I have yet to inquire about his preference in lost civilizations. Joan Vollmer: Ah, but he must like ruins. William S. Burroughs: [chuckles] Yes. He likes me tolerably enough. Allen Ginsberg: So. How are you? Joan Vollmer: How am I? I live in a Mexican slum. My husband has run off with another man. And I've been too busy with my children to go down to the pharmacia and refill my dexetrina. Lucien Carr: Scratch a bohemian and you get a boy scout, not that I'm a bohemian... or a boy scout, but... Allen Ginsberg: I left Bill. Bill was sucking me dry. Bill is a psychic vampire. That's his phrase. Lee: If you love your wife so much, why are you here with me? William S. Burroughs: Love is not sex. William S. Burroughs: Are you leaving me? Joan Vollmer: Should I? William S. Burroughs: [long pause] As you like. Allen Ginsberg: You know as Bill says, you better get comfortable with your space time location. Lucien Carr: This is not my space time lcation! This is fucking nowhere! Joan Vollmer: Say Bill, does the Oedipal Complex get reversed for fags? William S. Burroughs: [pause] Well, speaking from personal experience, I never wanted to fuck my father. Joan Vollmer: [chuckles] Joan Vollmer: Didn't you two bone up on your wilderness lore down there in the jungle? Lee: The jungle was fucking ghastly Joan Vollmer: Uh, I don't understand, the jungle was ghastly or the fucking was ghastly... or both?




导演: 柯汶利

演员: 肖央谭卓



导演: 杨子

演员: 于和伟吴磊


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