"Monarch of the Glen"

"Monarch of the Glen" (2001) 7.5

2000-02-27(英国)| 喜剧 爱情| 英国
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Archie MacDonald, carving out a life for himself as a restaurateur in London, finds himself called back to his home in the Scottish Highland...更多>



Duncan: I thought about joining the force myself, you know, when I was younger. Detective Constable West: What stopped you? Duncan: My mother. She said there was already enough disgrace in the family. Maureen: He's returned. Katrina: Who, Maureen? The Jedi, Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley? Lexie: [takes away Hector's plate] Enjoy that did you Hector? Hector Naismith MacDonald: It smells of wet dog. Lexie: And I love you too. Lexie: You've got visitors. Archie MacDonald: Well who is it? Lexie: [talking about Katrina and the school kids] Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp Family! Duncan: And he agrees I don't belong here. Reckons I should move to Glasgow, find myself. Lexie: What if you're not there when you get there? Katrina: [wondering why the jobless aren't at the polling station] Most of them are working today. Alan Smythe: They're unemployed. Katrina: When you get back I want to talk to you about your responsiblites as a landlord. I've just been to see some of your propeties and they're in a terrible state. Archie MacDonald: Great! Another coversation to look forward to. Archie MacDonald: Glenbogle Spring Water - the taste of the Highlands. I can't believe I didn't think of this before, people will pay good money for pure water. We start off by selling to restaurants then release it in a few selected chains, build a reputation, go national. We could even take on Europe. Katrina: Easy Adolf! Archie MacDonald: [after he finds out his sister Lizzie is coming to stay] Well, write back, tell her we've moved to Australia. Lexie: [answers the phone] Glenbogle refuge for new age dropouts. Mr. Slurpy: You've ruined my strawberry surprise. It's full of dust and grass. Lexie: Well, it wouldn't be full of strawberries then. Katrina: If you're still looking for a plant I know one which is going cheap. Archie MacDonald: Where? Katrina: Put it this way - what's in it for me. Archie MacDonald: Katrina where? Tell me. Katrina: Might do. Archie MacDonald: No seriously. Katrina: Ask nicely. Archie MacDonald: Katrina, will you just tell me? Katrina: Oh, getting desperate now! Molly MacDonald: I think you're giving away the bride, but not in that jumper. Archie MacDonald: Where are you going? Lexie: I'm just gonna help my mum pack. Archie MacDonald: Do you want some help? Lexie: No. I'm just gonna chuck her clothes out of the window! Archie MacDonald: [Lexie is putting some food in the oven] If you're sticking your head in there Lex, move over. Lexie: There's no point - it isn't gas! Katrina: I think you deserve a reward. Fergal MacClure: Ahh, and what did you have in mind? Katrina: [they laugh] Hmmm, coffee? Fergal MacClure: Well, I've got a million things to do. You can thank me another time - without MI5 observing us. [Katrina turns round to see 20 of her school children watching them pair] Archie MacDonald: I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but, I am going to go to my room and I shall emerge sometime after my 70th birthday! Molly MacDonald: Do you need a hand? Lexie: I need several! Lizzie MacDonald: [referring to Katrina going to New Zealand] Well she won't be much use as a godmother if she's on the other side of the world, will she? Archie MacDonald: No, she won't. Lizzie MacDonald: Well then...? Lexie: Not you as well, she flutters her eyelashes and you're blown away! Duncan: Why not? It's always worked with you. Archie MacDonald: [visiting Golly in a police cell] Lexie made this for you. [He unveils a cake] Golly Mackenzie: Is there a file in it?


Archie MacDonald


: Hmm, hard to tell. Hector Naismith MacDonald: What do you think pulled me into the water? A missing Soviet submarine? Lord Angus Errol Sharon Kilwillie: I'm devoting every possible brain particle to it! Hector Naismith MacDonald: Oh, very reassuring! Molly MacDonald: Duncan has a problem. Lexie: Just the one? Molly MacDonald: Dear Marie-Helene seems confussed to what it is that Duncan actually does. Lexie: Well, that's no surprise. Half the time Duncan's confussed to about what he actually does. Archie MacDonald: You want me to do Duncan's job, and Duncan to do mine? Molly MacDonald: Very good dear, it would have taken me hours to explain something like that to your father. Marie-Helene: Where's the Ferrari? Duncan: Um, the Ferrari's got a burst thingy. Lexie: Yeah, yeah, it does that all the time, bursts it thingy. Duncan: It's more than that, I've never met anyone like her. Lexie: What, French you mean? Duncan: No, I mean beautiful and kind and funny. Lexie: Oh, thanks! Lexie: Here, tele-message for you. Duncan: You opened it! Lexie: Thought I'd save you the bother. Lexie: Come on, you're a free woman now. Stella Moon: So why would I want a man? It's taken me years to get rid of the first one! Archie MacDonald: [Archie is hanging up a portrait of Hector on the wall] Is he straight? Molly MacDonald: As much as he ever was. Molly MacDonald: [the fire alarm goes off] Is there a fire? Archie MacDonald: No, just another one of his safety tests. Molly MacDonald: [starts to follow Archie up the stairs] Oh, um Archie... Archie MacDonald: Mother, you've got to leave the house. Molly MacDonald: But you said there wasn't a fire. Archie MacDonald: Okay, the house is in flames, you're going to be burnt to a frazzle. Molly MacDonald: Oh, why didn't you tell me dear? You know how panicked I get. [she runs around the house madly to try and find things to save] Archie MacDonald: What, do you think I'm crazy? Mr. Barr: No more than anyone else round here. Golly Mackenzie: [Waiting for Lexie to turn up at the 1st wedding]


Let's face it Archie, she always had a tendancy to over-cook things.


"Monarch of the Glen"

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