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At least 40 years after the "current" adventures of Batman and 20 years after Bruce Wayne retired from the role, his secret is disco...更多>



[to elderly Bruce Wayne] Derek Powers: So how are you holding up, Bruce? Bruce Wayne: With a cane. Terry McGinnis: You built that company. And now Powers is making nerve gas there. You gotta do something. You're Batman. Bruce Wayne: I was Batman. Commissioner Barbara Gordon: I hear you wrangled yourself a new errand boy. Bruce Wayne: I never wrangled anyone. Every one of you came to me. Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Maybe for once you should try to talk someone out of it. Bruce Wayne: Would it have worked for you? Coach: I eat punks like you for breakfast. Batman: Sorry to spoil your appetite. Terry McGinnis: Remember, you're heroes. Magma: No, real heroes, they make a choice. We never did. Terry McGinnis: Look, if you had any proof they were going to do something, it would be different. But I'm not going to change my plans because of a hunch. Bruce Wayne: Batman would. Terry McGinnis: Hey, I put my life on the line all the time. One night isn't going to make any difference. Bruce Wayne: One night always makes the difference. [entering a museum] Terry McGinnis: You should see this place: antiques, relics... you'd feel right at home here. Bruce Wayne: Cute. Derek Powers: Who are you? Terry McGinnis: You killed my father. Derek Powers: Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down? [to Bruce] Terry McGinnis: I guess you're the expert on troubled kids. You collect them. Bruce Wayne: Welcome to my world. Stalker: There are worse things than an honorable death.


Terry McGinnis


: Betcha it's a short list. Terry McGinnis: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton... I don't know. Max Gibson: Come on. Clinton was the fun one, then came the boring one. Terry McGinnis: They're all boring. Bruce Wayne: Interesting. Terry McGinnis: Interesting? That's all you can say? It was unbelievable! Bruce Wayne: A word I rarely use. Mad Stan: You're all infected with the disease of bureaucracy! But I know the cure, man! All of you must be destroyed! ALL OF YOU! Mad Stan: BLOW IT ALL UP! Batman: Keep it down, Stan. We're in a library. Mad Stan: You think this is a joke? Look around, Batman! Society's crumbling! And do you know why? Batman: Too many overdue books? Mad Stan: Information overload, man! As a society we're drowning in a quagmire of vid-clips, e-mail, and sound bytes! We can't absorb it all! There's only one sane solution: BLOW IT UP! [Contemplating the Royal Flush Gang's next move] Bruce Wayne: All of their crimes are playing-card-related, and the earliest playing card decks had swords, not spades. Terry McGinnis: How does the yacht fit in? Bruce Wayne: It was part of a yacht *club*. Terry McGinnis: Ouch. Terry McGinnis: [about Bruce Wayne] So why do you hate him so much? Commissioner Barbara Gordon: I don't hate him. I hate what he's become. Such a powerful man, so much potential... so alone. Mr. Fixx: You're pretty strong, for some clown who thinks he's Batman. Batman: I am Batman. Dana Tan: Talk, talk, talk. Let's dance. Bruce Wayne: These people believe anything they can't explain is magic. Terry McGinnis: Naturally, you don't believe in that kind of thing. Bruce Wayne: Of course I do. I've seen it all. Demons, witch boys, immortals, zombies. But this thing... I don't know. It just feels so... high school. Bruce Wayne: When I was young, women used to throw themselves at my feet all the time. Terry McGinnis: What did you do? Bruce Wayne: Step over them. Terry McGinnis: Smooth. Bruce Wayne: I thought so. [watching Batman: The Musical] Terry McGinnis: Hey, it took me months to get tickets to this show. Bruce Wayne: You hate me, don't you? Terry McGinnis: It's shway!


Bruce Wayne: Its schw-arbage. [On Terry's prospective girlfriend, who turns out to be a criminal] Terry McGinnis: This kinda thing ever happen to you? Bruce Wayne: Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle. [Upon seeing her Batgirl costume in a display case in the Batcave] Commissioner Barbara Gordon: I see you've sewn up the bullet holes. Terry McGinnis: What do I tell her? Bruce Wayne: You're asking *me* for advice about women? Terry McGinnis: I see your point. [Bruce has the chance to become young again] Terry McGinnis: I'll tell you right now, there's no way I'm wearing the Robin suit. [Terry looks at the Grey Ghost costume] Bruce Wayne: Way before your time. Bruce Wayne: Who are you? Payback: I'm your worst nightmare! Bruce Wayne: You have no idea what my nightmares are like. [Batman is fleeing an alien-possessed Superman in the Batmobile] Batman: [to Bruce, on the radio] How fast does this thing go? Bruce Wayne: Mach 3. Batman: Is that faster than a speeding bullet? Bruce Wayne: Anything broken? Terry McGinnis: If I said yes, can I go home? Bruce Wayne: No. [In the Batmobile] Max: Ouch! Get your ear out of my eye! Batman: I warned you that the Batmobile wasn't built for two. Max: With all of his millions, you would think that he could afford a back seat. [talking about a villain HQ] Terry McGinnis: It's a toxic waste dump. Bruce Wayne: Or so they say. Can you think of a better way to keep people away? Terry McGinnis: Call it a high school? Superman: You're holding up well. Bruce Wayne: I could use some of that Kryptonian DNA. Superman: You'll outlive us all, Bruce, you're too stubborn to die. Batman: Stalker, games over! Batman: This isn't the jungle and this isn't False Face! Terry McGinnis: How did you know you weren't hearing voices? Bruce Wayne: Well, for one, I'm not psychotic. Terry McGinnis: Well, I hope your other answer's more convincing.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

"Batman Beyond"

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