Matthias, a young novice is marking ten years after he was adopted by an abbey named Redwall after his home and family were destroyed by the...更多>



Chickenhound: Hello? Is somebody there? Asmodeus: Asssssssssssmodeusssss! Come with me, young foxie, I will show you eternity. [Ragear is thinking of a good story to impress Cluny after his failure] Ragear: All right... twenty there were, chief. I got nineteen but one escaped! Heh heh... yes, that's it. I let one go as a warning to the others... [repeated line] Matthias: I am that is! [Cluny is berating his captains] Cluny: I hate failure! There is only one punishment for failure. [slowly unsheathes blade] Cluny: What... is... it? Killconey: Death! Death by execution! Cluny: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't add two more heads to my banner. Killconey: We'll try much harder next time, Chief. Darkclaw: Yes! Definitely much much harder! Cluny: That's the best you can come up with? Killconey: We're not that good with words. Cluny: Silence! [Basil stops Cornflower from climbing a wall to save Matthias] Basil: Forgive my hand but dash it, wasn't it a wise, young kitchen mouse who only this very morning insisted that climbing was best left to squirrels, what? Cornflower: That was this morning. A lot has happened since then. Basil: Seems to me, one way or another a lot happens since morning every day at Redwall. Haha! N'haha! What? N'hahaha! Jess: What's Cluny up to? Basil: Military ploy. Force the besieged to sweat. Fall out amongst themselves. I've seen it used before. It's a most effective tactic. Constance: Hmph. Maybe you'd be happier fighting on his side. Basil: [infuriated] Are you questioning my loyalty? Voice of Martin the Warrior: I am that is! My sword shall wield for me! [Basil is hiding] Matthias: Come out... show yourself! Basil: Show myself? How many pairs of eyes d'you need, what? Eh? Eh? Matthias: I'm in no mood for games... come out! [Basil appears behind him] Basil:


Basil Stag Hare, sir! At your service: expert scout, hind leg fighter, wilderness guide and... camouflage expert!


[Matthias looks at him like he's crazy] Basil: Read your mind, sir! Neither mad, nor dangerous. Delighted to meet you, dear! [Cluny hits one of his hench-vermin; Basil walks in] Basil: Officer striking an enlisted creature! Thumping bad form, old chap! Cluny: Get him! Grab that hare! I want his head! Basil: What's the matter? Own head not good enough? Haha! No! Lookit his face. Ugly-looking brute, aren't you? Haha! Haha! Matthias: Basil, What's a "smodeus"? Basil: Asmodeus. Fearful serpentine, known locally as Old Poisonteeth. Lethal. Eats mice. Talking of which, I'm a bit peckish m'self! Naha! Basil: My compliments to your boss... Cluny the Loony or whatever the dashed fellow's called! [Constance holds up Sela the vixen] Constance: And what about this traitor? Abbot Mortimer: Oh, dear... yes, I suppose there must be some form of punishment, mustn't there? Basil: Bury her up to her neck in red ants, then hang the wretch from the tower before you draw and quarter her? Or, we could let her go! Constance: Are you crazy? Basil: Not really, but Cluny is... I'm sure he will know how to deal with her! Matthias: Please, Ivy, try to understand. This is our home. And it's in terrible danger. Wild Ivy: And your friends think I'm helping this Cluny, do they? Matthias: They aren't sure. Wild Ivy: Well that's nice, isn't it? I come in, do a free show, and this is my thanks? Warbeak: Warbeak killee killee killee killee! King Bull Sparra got 'em big sword. Chop all mouses up! Warbeak: Warbeak prisoner of crazy mouseworm! Killit! Killee Killee Killee! Cluny: [mocking tone] Oh, my! Are you scared? Cornflower: Yes... but I'll get over it. *You* are ugly, and there's no cure for that.



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