"Once and Again"

"Once and Again" (1999) 5.9

2000-01-20(瑞典)| 家庭 爱情| 美国
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Rick is a divorced father-of-two who meets Lily, a newly-separated mother-of-two. They begin a relationship, which has a significant impact ...更多>



Grace Manning: Boys are so naive. I mean, sometimes you have to wonder how they even live. Rick Sammler: The love was so right but the timing was so wrong... which may be the corniest thing I've ever said to anyone. Grace Manning: [asking about Jessie] Is she anorexic? Lily Manning: Grace! Grace Manning: Half the girls in my school are; what's the big deal? Grace Manning: Sometimes I wonder why I ever hope for anything. Grace Manning: Sometimes people just aren't who you need them to be, at like a certain moment, and unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it. Judy Brooks: In my life, a third date turns into a 12 step program. Lily Manning: There's a difference between giving up and letting go. Grace Manning: You know, she's just the kind of person that everybody worries whether she has a ride home. And, I guess, I'm just the sort of person people assume can walk. Boy: Hey Jessie, can I ask you something? Jessie Sammler: Sure, it's free country. Boy: Will you have sex with me? Jessie Sammler: [sighs] Okay. Boy: Are you serious? Jessie Sammler: Yea, but it has to be today! Now or never! Boy: Well, I can't today, I have basketball practice. Jessie Sammler: Sorry. [Jessie walks away] Boy: Jessie, you're a fox! [Jessie rolls eyes] Jessie Sammler: I just think that sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life. Katie Singer: What's so great about hiding who you are? Karen Sammler: Just because a person has feelings for you, doesn't mean you have to return those feelings. Katie Singer: You ever notice how no one our age dresses to show who they are, they dress to hide who they are and then some guy figures this out and makes like a billion dollars and... [realizes she is babbling] Katie Singer: I'm sorry, I'm talking too much. Jessie Sammler: [smiles] No, it's okay, I like it. Therapist: So, your friend is gay... Jessie Sammler: No no no. My friend being gay wouldn't bother me. What bothers me is people saying she's gay if she's not. Like there are girls in my school who say they're gay, and know if they are or they aren't but at least it's their choice to say it. Therapist: I see. Jessie Sammler: And with Katie, I just don't think that she is because I know her really well. And if she was, she would be going to that meeting tonight and she's not, so she's obviously not gay. Therapist: Well, that settles it then. Grace Manning: People should be allowed to fall in love with whoever they want. I mean, otherwise what's the point of living? Grace Manning: This must be what nothing feels like. Grace Manning: I'm all alone. Do you even realize that? Do you even know what that feels like? Lily Manning: No, honey, I don't. I've always been too afraid to find out what that feels like. I'm so glad that you're not. Lily Manning: Grace, will you wipe it up, please? Grace Manning: I'm sorry, is my name Cinderella? Grace Manning: I think they should invent a new word... a word that describes how you feel before you kiss someone. I think it's like when a bird decides that it can fly. Aaron: Are you in love? Grace Manning: How could I know that? Grace Manning: Y'know, I have this weird feeling that growing up is overrated. Lily Manning: Oh, my God. Brian Garvin. Grace Manning: What happened to him? Lily Manning: He changed... into gay. I mean, he's gay. Grace Manning: So you made him gay? Lily Manning: No! Grace Manning: Are you sure? [looking at their new baby sister] Zoey Manning: I didn't know they came out with fingernails. Grace Manning: Your baby's gonna come out with painted fingernails. Zoey Manning: And yours is gonna come out with a copy of War And Peace. [Lily and Rick are contemplating having more children] Jessie Sammler: You guys should totally do it. Eli Sammler: Yeah, any kid you guys had would know every single word of 'The Philadelphia Story'. Grace Manning: Oh, and all those stupid tenor songs you listen to. [singing facetiously] Grace Manning: I am a tenor! I love myself! Oh, I'm a tenor and I am so amazing! I looove myseeeeelf! Eli Sammler: It's so weird that she doesn't miss me, 'cause I'm never gonna stop missing her.


Grace Manning


: I know. Eli Sammler: You're like the only person who does know. [they both slowly start to move their faces closer together] Eli Sammler: [whispers] that's a really pretty dress [lips are about to touch] Grace Manning, Eli Sammler: [door swings open, Grace and Eli pull away as they see Jesse standing infront of them] What? Jessie Sammler: They called off the wedding. Eli Sammler: [Grace and Eli are in Eli's room smoking pot] You want some water or something? [lifts a bottle of water in the air] Grace Manning: No, that's okay... Eli Sammler: You sure? cause you keep moistening your lips... Grace Manning: That's a really weird word! Eli Sammler: What, lips? Grace Manning: Moisten, but actually both of them are weird, actually... Eli Sammler: Yeah, I know. Grace Manning: MOI-STEN [they both laugh] David Cassilli: Why would I date a mother? It took me 20 years to get away from my own. Judy Brooks: Men need to lie, you can't take it personally. Any woman asking anything of them is automatically their mother, which means they're terrified, which means they lie just to keep a part of themselves out of your evil clutches. Judy Brooks: Because your bond is so strong she has to pull herself away that much harder to prove to herself she can do it without you. Katie Singer: Oh my God. Jessie Sammler: What? Katie Singer: Did you hear? It's all over school. Jessie Sammler: You mean about... us? Katie Singer: No, not us! Your stepsister! And Mr. Dimitri! Jessie Sammler: Oh no. Oh my God. Katie Singer: Apparently they like - practically had sex. Jessie Sammler: What? You mean - at the movies? Katie Singer: I don't know. But Tad said that Russell said that Alexa said she saw them. With her own eyes. Katie Singer: [Jessie stops and thinks] Are you like - totally stunned? Jessie Sammler: Not totally. Katie Singer: [jokingly] Anyway... why would anyone be talking about us? Jessie Sammler: [also joking] no reason. David Cassilli: 'Cause you're crazy if you think you can handle him. You're crazy if you think that I'm gonna hang around to watch you build his palace. Rick Sammler: Then maybe you would just hang around and watch my back. David Cassilli:


God knows somebody has to.

"Once and Again"

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