The Interview (2000)

  • 澳大利亚
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  • 惊悚  犯罪
The Interview
  • 片       名The Interview
  • 上映时间1998年08月20日(澳大利亚)
  • 导       演 柯瑞格·莫纳汉


  • [repeated line] John Steele: I'm interrupting this interview for the purpose of making further inquiries. Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: It's about a fucking stolen fucking car you fucking fuckwit. John Steele: I've gone from Lord Mayor to shit-carter in less than two hours Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: [Looks down] Nice shoes. They Italian? Eddie Rodney Fleming: No. Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: No? Where'd you get them then? Eddie Rodney Fleming: David Jones. Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior: David Jones? [laughs] Eddie Rodney Fleming: Just goes to show you how the mind works, doesn't it? John Steele: I don't know Mr. Fleming. How does the mind work? 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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