Brilliant Lies

Brilliant Lies (1997) 5.9

1996-08-08(澳大利亚)| 澳大利亚
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Susy Conner accuses former employer, Gary Fitzgerald, of harassment and unfair dismissal for failing to comply with his sexual demands. Rela...更多>



Brian Conner: You know what the most disappointing thing in my life is? That you became a bloody Christian! Ahh, Son, there is no God! Paul Conner: How can you say that? Brian Conner:


Because if there was he'd be bright enough not to recruit the two of you! How can anyone believe that this appalling fruzey, humiliating state of interpersonal warfare we call life is designed by some all loving God! Shit!


Vince: I am very upset at being dragged in here, Gary. We are men of substantial standing and I ... Katy Conner: Substantial standing? Well, what are you trying to say? That two important men like you find it beneath your dignity to be called to account for a minor little thing like seven months of viscious sexual persecution? Marion: Yes, as a married woman, sex and ecstasy do seem a startling combination Brian Conner: All fathers notice their daughters development. All fathers notice! I was proud. ALL fathers notice! Susy Conner: All fathers don't chase their daughters around and grab their breasts! Gary Fitzgerald: Listen, sweetheart, without sexual attraction the human race wouldn't have survived. The death of sex means the death of mankind, for christsake Katy Conner: I'm not saying you shouldn't have impulses, I'm saying you should be mature enough to control them. And don't call me sweetheart Gary Fitzgerald: I took a completely normal interest in an attractive woman and suddenly I'm a criminal Katy Conner: After thousands of years of abuse men are finally being held accountable and you dont like it. Well, let me tell you something, Buster, the days of automatic female deference to male power are over and you just better get used to it Gary Fitzgerald: Oh, so I'm supposed to be the fall guy for what you call thousands of years of abuse? And to think we used to say that women were irrational! And dont call me Buster!


Brilliant Lies

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