10 years ago at a party, Steven thinks he sees the girl of his dreams, Melissa. Just as he's about to make his move, his twin brother Rick g...更多>





I don't get bananas. They're green for about a week, then they're ripe for about 12 minutes before going brown and mushy forever. Sometimes I can't go out because I'm waiting for my bananas to turn ripe.


Allison: I know what you mean. Stephen: Do you ever look at people and wonder about their lives? [Wakes up in the morning.] Mr. Dunne: Bloody hell; still alive. Rick Dunne: Watching my parents renew their wedding vows is like watching ambulance drivers push the victims back into the wreck. Melissa: What are you doing? You can't keep up your drive-by "I Love You's." Melissa: My mother believed in love at first sight with Dad, with her second husband, and her third. Alison: Your love line is so confused. Stephen: It's not up-to-date. [Rick and Melissa endeavour to have a totally honest conversation for 2 1/2 minutes] Melissa: Why do men lie? Rick: Uh, that's a hard one. Give me something frivolous to get into it. Melissa: OK. Why do men touch their dick so much? Rick: Because it's there. Stephen: What about love at first sight? Melissa Morrison: I don't believe in it. Norman and I were friends first. For months we just talked. Discussed ideas, books, politics. Stephen: THAT is not love! THAT is a book group! [after having sex with Melissa] Stephen: Now I can finally marry her. [hearing his parents fight] Stephen: Or maybe not.


Hotel de Love

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