A Friend to Die For

A Friend to Die For (1994) 5.8

1994-09-26(美国)| 犯罪| 美国
上映时间:1994-09-26(美国) 类型: 犯罪
评分: 力荐

Angela Delvecchio for some reason transfers from a Catholic School to a public school in the same town. She proceeds to try to make friends ...更多>



Angela Delvecchio: I got a job in the Attendance Office, and guess who I'll be working with! Jill: From the way you sound, it must be someone important. Who is it? Nancy Reagan? Angela Delvecchio: Stacy Lockwood! Jill: Oh. Miss Queen Bee herself! What? Are you one of her drones? Jill: You don't know her. You don't know a thing about her! She's better than all of you put together. Stacy Lockwood: Forget your broom? Monica: I don't need a broom to fly away from you, you bitch. Angela Delvecchio: I admire you, Stacey, I've always admired you. You're so pretty and funny and confident. Stacy Lockwood: There was once a little girl named Monica. Her face was very, very white and her hair was very, very black. Monica was so weird that none of the other little girls would play with her. She made her diary her constant companion. Here's what she had to say to it... Stacy Lockwood: [caught reading Monica's diary aloud to her friends] Hi, Monica. We're just feeling out the texture of your prose. Public Defender: You have to be BEAUTIFUL and POPULAR and successful. Angela DelVecchio was NONE of these things. Stacy Lockwood: [to Angela before leaving the car] You're weirder than I thought. Teacher: Very good, Cort. So good, I want you to trot on down to Mr. Saxes' office, and read it to him.


A Friend to Die For

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