"Silk Stalkings"

"Silk Stalkings" (1991) 5.2

1991-11-07(美国)| 动作 犯罪| 美国
上映时间:1991-11-07(美国) 类型: 动作 犯罪
获奖信息:美国电视艾美奖(1992年)   提名:1
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advertisement Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: I am not after people, I am after justice. That's what makes me such a special civil servant. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: Yeah, I am sneaking up on your blindside, Sam. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: You wouldn't do that to me, Sam, 'cause your my best friend, too. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: Yeah, what a revolting development! Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: Sammy, I'm impressed. I didn't know you followed baseball. I thought golf was your only sport. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: Great, now all I need is a pair of pom-poms. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: I don't know Sam, the pom-poms you got look pretty good to me. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: Would you? Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: Would I what? Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: You know, scream and call my name over and over if we did it. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: I would rather go down in a blaze of inefficiency with you. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: It's just that you're my best friend, Sam. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: As long as you're working with me, you're not even gonna come close. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: I wasn't making a play. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: Oh, but as soon as they separate us, I will race you to the nearest motel. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: I couldn't take that chance, Sam. I am so good in bed that I would explode that balloon in your head in the first 30 mintues. I just wouldn't want that on my conscience. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: How often do you and Fran fight? Capt. Harry Lipschitz: Daily is a word that comes to mind. Hourly: by the minute is also good. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: So she wants me to go undercover as a male escort, can you picture that? Capt. Harry Lipschitz: Yeah, in perfect focus, do it. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Sgt. Rita Lee Lance: Is that what you told Angela? Sgt. Chris Lorenzo: You're so funny.


"Silk Stalkings"

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