Cage (1989) 4.0

1989-09-01(美国)| 动作| 美国
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A GI in Vietnam saves his buddy's life, but in the process is shot in the head. The injury results in brain damage to the point where he bas...更多>



Billy Thomas: I'm smart too. I got three-seventy and five-forty on the Master-Blaster. Mario: [Awestruck] Jeez. Tony Baccola: Wait. Master-Blaster? What is that? Mario: Its a video game, Tony! Tony Baccola: Yeah, I should've known you'd know! Pang:


It would seem that the men of Texas are not just content to lose money in the oil business.


Costello: Yin, I want the million, and I want it now in cash. Tin Lum Yin: [To his men] Kill them! Kill them all! Mario: Hey Tony, he's not such a bad sort. Tony Baccola: Would you shut the shit up! A lot you know. Tin Lum Yin: I see you've met Chao Tung. This is Pang. Tony Baccola: Yeah, yeah - ping, pong, pang. Scott Monroe: What do you wanna drink? Diablo: You should do something about your face bro. Get me some tequila. Mario: Look what this karate-guy is doing to Chang! Morgan Garrett: Well if it isn't one of Yin's slimeballs Tiger Joe. Tiger Joe: Well at least you got the name right.



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