Powwow Highway

Powwow Highway (1989) 7.1

1989-02-24(美国)| 英国
获奖信息:美国独立精神奖(1990年) 获奖:2  提名:2
评分: 力荐

Social realism regarding struggles of reservation-dwelling Native Americans in the North Central states of the US. Main character is an intr...更多>



Aunt Harriet:


I get sick of being asked for good old Indian wisdom. I ain't got none. So get the hell out of here!


Buddy Red Bow: You tell everybody fairy stories. Philbert Bono: The stories of our ancestors. How they solved problems. Often the problems never change. Nor the people. Buddy Red Bow: Yeah, well it's just too bad those stories don't tell us how to keep our reservations from turning into sewers. Philbert Bono: But they do. Sky Red Bow: Rabbit? What tribe are me and Jane? Buddy Red Bow: Let's go get a drink Phil. Rabbit Layton: Well that's the first good idea you've had. Buddy Red Bow: Now you're wasting your time, Sandy. You see, my red, it don't wash off. Jane Red Bow: We shoulda rented a car. Philbert Bono: We have my pony. Jane Red Bow: Your pony is an old nag.


Powwow Highway

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