We open up on the evening of March 5, 1982, with the dead body of John Belushi being reeled into a morgue. He awakens, suddenly, as if nothi...更多>



Angel: Hey, I seen your movies, man. John Belushi: [excited] Oh yea? Which one?




: The one where you played a coke addict. You's a funny guy. John Belushi: Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot. Angel: But, you died in the end... all fucked up. John Belushi: Hey, wait a minute... who are you? Angel: My friends call me Angel. Arnie Fromson: You can't abuse yourself like this. John Belushi: LOOK, I don't pay you to be my best friend. I don't ask you what you do after six o'clock, DON'T ASK ME. NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO. Angel: I'm your guardian angel. John Belushi: Well you sure fucked up... Comedy Coach: John, there's a light within you. I want you burn it out. BURN IT OUT! BURN IT OUT! In Vietnam, Monks set themselves on Fire. Artoll. Artoll said that actors should perform like they are on fire. Signaling through the flames... THATS our job as comedians! To burn brightly and stand as a symbol. I will not give in to this consensous reality! Cut the demons loose, John! Let 'em loose! Thats were your characters come from. Comedy is agression. You think thats an empty phrase? Run out and kill 'em. Knock 'em dead. Hey, hey, murder them! Bullshit! Comedy is an assault. God given gift of laughter, my ass. Kill em. Make 'em laugh till it hurts. Fuck 'em where they breathe! Make 'em laugh! Make 'em laugh till it hurts! Make 'em laugh till they piss their goddamn pants! Make 'em laugh till they have a fucking hemorage! That's comedy. John Landis: My God. I just punched the star of my movie. John Landis: We're losing light. John Belushi: FUCK YOU. Get the fuck outta here. If I see you in here again, I'll kill you. Bob Woodward: Why didn't you go home, John? Why did you kill yourself? John Belushi: Vietnam, man! Bob Woodward: You never served. John Belushi: Society fucked me over, like Lenny Bruce! Bob Woodward: Lenny Bruce? John, your friend Dan Ayrkoyd called you "America's guest". Come on, what was the real reason? John Belushi: I... Bob Woodward: What was it? Why did you do it? John Belushi: BECAUSE I NEEDED IT! Bob Woodward: John? John! John... Answer me, John. John! Why didn't you ever want to go home? What was so painful, that you couldn't even close your eyes at night without drugs? John Belushi: I had an unhappy childhood! Bob Woodward: Oh, come on, John. We all had an unhappy childhood John Belushi: Vietnam? Agent Orange? Bob Woodward: You didn't go. John Belushi: Society fucked me over, like Lenny Bruce! Bob Woodward: Like Lenny Bruce? You were a living legend, John! Your friend Aykroyd called you "America's guest". Everybody loved you! John Belushi: Then I give up! Bob Woodward: Oh. John, why did you shove a needle into your arm, day after... John Belushi: BECAUSE I NEED IT! BECAUSE IT'S MINE! Cold bastard. [pause, sweaty and breathing heavily] John Belushi:


So you're just gonna sit there and watch me die?



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