The story of Cru Jones, a young man who can overcome all obstacles that prevent him from participating in the BMX race "Helltrack." ...更多>



Bob: Late again Cru? Cru: Oh, excuse me blob, I don't have a watch. Bob:


Bob, the name is Bob, not Blob. Smart-ass.


Bob: They're getting a boy to do a man's job. Wesley: Now that we're official, you think we have room for one more on the Rad team? Luke: There's your fantasy, studly. Cru: Me and Katie are like... special. Announcer: And Hollywood Mike Miranda makes his second dramatic exit of the day. Cru: *This*... is ass-sliding. Cru Jones: Me, I ride for me. Burton Timmer: [after being hit by a newspaper thrown by Cru and spilling his coffee] This world would be a lot better off without kids! Christian Hollings: [Luke and Becky are walking down the hall together, arm in arm] C'mon, its so obvious from the moment you seem them together Cru: I know but they've never copped to it like that before. Christian Hollings: Well they probably just didn't want you to feel left out. Cru: Ya? So what's changed?



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