"L.A. Law"

"L.A. Law" (1986) 5.9

1986-10-03(美国)| 美国
获奖信息:美国摄影工会奖(1988年) 获奖:12  提名:22
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advertisement Michael Kuzak: That's because I've never had anything this responsive underneath me. Michael Kuzak: [Kuzak walks in on Kelsey and Markowitz during a romantic encounter] Stuart? Ann? Ann Kelsey: Yes, it's Stuart and Ann! We're fine. Now leave! [Kuzak leaves and Sifuentes sticks his head in the door] Victor Sifuentes: You guys okay? Need anything? Ann Kelsey: We're fine, Victor! Now leave! Leland McKenzie: [settling an argument during a staff meeting] It's time you people remember whose name is at the top of the letterhead! [Leland has received a Christmas card from Rosalyn six months after her fatal accident] Leland McKenzie: Look at this. A Christmas card from Rosalyn. Grace Van Owen: You know, Leland; she probably had them sent out by a service and no one thought to notify them that she was dead. Leland McKenzie: I guess you're right; a Christmas card from the grave. [starts laughing] Grace Van Owen: One thing you can say about Rosalyn, she sure knew how to network. Rhonda Vasek: I think I hate your wife. Douglas Brackman, Jr.: You've met her? Rhonda Vasek: No, I'm just jealous of her. Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I remember when we were first starting out, this'll sound silly, I used to make popcorn for us and we'd lie in bed till all hours watching old movies on tv. Now she says the salt make her retain water. Rhonda Vasek: I have a popcorn popper but I've never even taken it out the box. I don't even know if it works. Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All you have to do is plug it in, I could show you. Rhonda Vasek: Would you, would you show me how to pop my corn. Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Lets go, now! Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm more like my father than I thought. I wanted to be the lawyer he was, the man he was. Turns out we both just like to cheat on our wives. Stuart Markowitz: Don't underestimate me, I'm amazing with mums. When I was at High School all of them had crushes on me, it was the daughters I had trouble with. Ann Kelsey: You thought you could buy me off with a few trinkets? Stuart Markowitz: Yes.


"L.A. Law"

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