"North and South, Book II" (1986)

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"North and South, Book II"
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  • 上映时间1986年05月04日(美国)
  • 导       演 凯文·康纳


  • advertisement George Hazard: [avoiding to talk about the war] What's that on your finger? Orry Main: [smiles] Madeline and I were finally married. George Hazard: Oh, congratulations! Orry Main: I wish you'd been there to be my best man. George Hazard: I'll make it up to you! Throw you the greatest party you ever saw, after the war! Orry Main: [both laughing] Great! George Hazard: We'll make it a West Point reunion. I'll even invite Marcus Hessler, remember him? Orry Main: [tense pause] He was killed by a Union shooter last week. George Hazard: [another tense pause] Orry, Lincoln bend over backwards to accomodate the South... Orry Main: Then why did he invade Virginia? You call Bull Run accommodate? George Hazard: Wait a minute, I was there, I saw it! There was an entire rebel army waiting to invade the capital, what was Lincoln supposed to do? He took an oath to preserve the Union. The South started it by firing on Sumpter! Orry Main: We didn't start anything! We just wanted to be left alone! Orry Main: You never even gave him a chance! You refused to compromise! He just could NOT extend slavery into the new territories! Orry Main: That is NOT the issue George! We both agreed that slavery is an outmoded institution that will only hold South back! George Hazard: [pause] Dear God, what has happened to us? Orry Main: [gets up] Well, I think that under the circumstances it was best that we ended our business partnership. George Hazard: [to Orry Main] I've missed you, old friend. Madeline LaMotte Main: [to Justin LaMotte] I want my freedom, you can't force me to love you! Justin LaMotte: Would you like to watch while I kill your lover? Elkanah Bent: I don't like to be kept waiting. I have little patience where women are concerned. Ashton Main Huntoon: Well Mr.Bent, maybe I shouldn't bother, then. Because I like a man with a lot of... patience. Elkanah Bent: Well then, considering all your attributes, patience may be a virtue I could make an effort to acquire. Ashton Main Huntoon: Oh El, I'm afraid of the dark! Elkanah Bent: You used to be afraid of me, but I think you've gotten over that. Ashton Main Huntoon: What makes you think I've ever been afraid of a man? Orry Main: The day I met you was the day I was born. Charles Main: [talking about George being in prison] Besides, he's an enemy. Orry Main: What? Charles, that man is my best friend. What's wrong with you? George Hazard: [Orry and Charles have released George from Libby Prison] I couldn't have lasted much longer in there, Orry... You saved my life. Thank you... both of you... Orry Main: Don't get yourself shot on your way home. [putting George on a boat] Orry Main: You got food, a blanket, some old clothes... Follow the corrent as long as you can, then head North. There you should find some Union troops. George Hazard: Would you do me another favor? Orry Main: [nodding] What's that? George Hazard: Tell Jeff Davis that if he stops the war, I'll buy the champagne. [smiles] Orry Main: [pauses, then smiles back] You best make that offer to Mr.Lincoln. George Hazard: [talking about his meeting with Orry] At first, it was like nothing had changed, it was just so good to see him again. But it became obvious to me that the war had done something to that sense of understanding that we always seemed to share. When we said goodbye, we were acting just like enemies. And when he broke me out of prison, it was more like he was paying an old debt instead of an act of friendship. Constance Flynn Hazard: [pause] Darling, I love Orry as much as you do, and I know the kind of man he is. He would never turn his back on you, or your friendship. George Hazard: You have not only ruined this family's reputation, you have probably destroyed the future of the Hazard Iron, which is NOTHING compared to the senseless killing of how many Union soldiers! YOU MISERABLE TRAITOR! Stanley Hazard: ...Please forgive me. George Hazard: Stanley I have just talked with Morgan He says you are the one behind Axol Iron I don't want to believe it Stanley Hazard: George I... George Hazard: You are my brother I trusted you How could you do it? Isabel Hazard: Stanley don't tell him anything Constance Flynn Hazard: do you realize what you did ? There was a governement enquiry and they are going to arrest George Isabel Hazard: if he is trouble it's his guilt Stanley Hazard: now stop Isabel I gave you always all what you wanted but this time I will not sacrifice my brother for you Stanley Hazard: George I didn't imagine those guns might burst and when I found it out it was too late there was our future in game our firm George Hazard: How can you talk about our future, You haven't only muddied the reputation of the family but you have destroyed the future of the hazard Iron and this is nothing. You are responsible for the death of our soldiers , You are a miserable , a traitor Stanley Hazard: I beg you forgive me George Hazard: Now you must assume the whole responsibility of what you did and pay the ransom to the famlies of the fallen soldiers and thereafter you will face the prison and you too Isabel Isabel Hazard: I have not done anything. ON the papers there is no signature of mine Constance Flynn Hazard: To what seems it's not clear what your husband meant The matter is over George Hazard: if you find the courage of paying the consequences of what you did You will have back my respect and consideration Stanley Hazard: I will find this courage Constance Flynn Hazard: I am the wife of General Hazard Captain Bradley? Bradley: I am the aide-de-camp of the general I should talk to him with a certain urgence Constance Flynn Hazard: I see Bradley: I would prefer to talk to you alone George Hazard: Unless they are military secrets I don't keep anything hidden to my wife Bradley: This is is not an official meeting but I wanted to warn you in time Since two years The Department of War receives complaints about flawy guns produced by the Axol Iron do you know this firm? George Hazard: I have never heard about it Bradley: A formal enquiry has been opened only recently and it was ascertained that Axol Iron is the cover-name of another weapon factory the Hazard Iron works Constance Flynn Hazard: But it is ridiculous don't you believe that George might involved in dirty affairs? Bradley: it was ascertained also that these guns produced with flawy metallic leagues burst after a lengthened use it seems that some artillery men have been killed by the explosion of their guns George Hazard: oh my god Constance Flynn Hazard: but everybody knows that in absence of George it was his brother Stanley to lead the factory Bradley: Unfortunately the signature of the general is on many papers which connect the two factories George Hazard: someone must have falsified my signature Constance Flynn Hazard: somebody inside the firm Bradley: Unfortunately you must prove it Constance Flynn Hazard: My husband has risked to die , has undergone unutterable and unspeakable sufferings in prison and his government can arrive to accuse him of such a crime? Bradley: I agree with you otherwise I would not be here but it seems that all clues are against you general George Hazard: Captain you said that it was an unofficial meeting how much time do I have to prove my innocence? Bradley: I fear that it will be issued an order of capture within a few hours Constance Flynn Hazard: Can't you delay it can you? Bradley: I would like to do it but I have discovered it only this morning George Hazard: Captain is there anything else you can tell me? is there any other indication that you can give me? Bradley: It seems that there is a fellow called Morgan,although there are no precise clues against him it seems that he is involved in dirty affairs with more than a factory George Hazard: do you know where I might find him? Bradley: Usually he plots his dirty affairs in a inn just outside Philadelphia Bradley: It is called Dillard's George Hazard: Thank you captain for your help Bradley: Bradley nods with the head Ashton Main Huntoon: I'm a sinner too... I will burn in hell with you Elkanah. Orry Main: Damn you, Ashton! Get away from me... Get away from my sight! [after James discovers all the terrible things Ashton has done] Ashton Main Huntoon: Will you forgive me, James? James Huntoon: [pause] It's too late for that, Ashton. Ashton Main Huntoon: [at a party given by the president of the Confederacy] The HELL with your convictions! Ashton Main Huntoon: You may have just ruined your political career just now! That is IF you ever really had one! Ashton Main Huntoon: [to Madeline about her mother] Your mother sold herself to men for money. Ashton Main Huntoon: [to Orry about Madelines mother] She was a black whore in New Orleans! Madeline LaMotte Main: You mean you'll take me back? You still want me? Orry Main: I never wanted you to go. I love you Madeline. I always have. Madeline LaMotte Main: I love you, too. Please, believe me. I love you, too. Orry Main: I do. Madeline LaMotte Main: But I have to tell you, there's another man in my life now. [They walk over to the cradle where their son is laying. She picks up their son and hands him over to Orry] Madeline LaMotte Main: Orry Nicholas Maine, your son. Orry Main: [He takes their son from Madeline and then looks Madeline in the eye] I love you. [They then share a kiss] 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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