"Casualty" (1998) 5.9

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advertisement John 'Abs' Denham: Nina, could you possibly run Ellen into town? Nina Farr: No. But I can run her over. Barbara 'Baz' Samuels: You're manipulative, stubborn and selfish! Ewart Plimmer: Not all at once. [Selena throws Bex against a wall after Bex, unknowingly, slept with Selina's husband] Selena Manning: You and me... we've got business. Bex Reynolds: Look I told you - I had no idea! I am sorry, it's not going to happen again! Selena Manning: I don't care about what you do with him. You can keep him. All I care about is me. Now I've just started here and I am not about to be made a laughing stock by some stupid little slapper like you! Do you understand me? Bex Reynolds: Yes. Selena Manning: You mention one word of you and him to anyone - and your life will not be worth living! Do you understand me again? Rebecca? Bex Reynolds: Yes. [Selena walks off] [Luke and Woody get in Maggie's way as she is about to give a defibrillating shock to a patient] Maggie Coldwell: Come on! Move or die! Maggie Coldwell: Harry, have you got a minute? I could do with a second opinion on these results. Harry Harper: [patronisingly] My pleasure. I'm always happy to offer my expert advice. Maggie Coldwell: Er, just your opinion. I've got the expert bit covered, thank you. Tina Seabrook: What are you doing? Where the hell are you going? Sean Maddox: Tina. Tina Seabrook: Did you forget to say goodbye or something? Sean Maddox: Tina. Tina Seabrook: I can't believe you were going to go without even saying anything. To Australia without even saying goodbye. What where you thinking? Did you think I wouldn't notice? You lied. How could you just go? Sean Maddox: Listen, it's not like that. You don't understand, and I can't explain. Tina Seabrook: You owe it to me to try. Sean Maddox: I need to take ten steps back. I don't want to look back on my life thinking I could have done more. Tina Seabrook: Yeah, but you don't have to run away half way across the world. Sean Maddox: It's just something I have to do. Tina Seabrook: Get off the train, Sean, just please get off the train. Sean Maddox: I can't. Tina Seabrook: For me, for you. I just know you want to, now, Sean just please get off the train! Sean Maddox: Why now? Tina Seabrook: [shouts] Get off the train? Sean Maddox: Stop saying that! Tina Seabrook: I'll walk away any second! Sean Maddox: Well, then go! Tina Seabrook: [pause] I can't go. Sean Maddox: Get on the train. Tina Seabrook: It's so unfair. Sean Maddox: This may be our last chance. Come on, get on. Tina Seabrook: Marry me. Sean Maddox: What? Tina Seabrook: You heard, marry me. Sean Maddox: Shut up and get on the train. Tina Seabrook: Well? Sean Maddox: Look, get on the train. Tina Seabrook: Just say you'll marry me. Sean Maddox: Tina, I'm going to London, in two days I fly to Australia, I fly in two days, two days! Tina Seabrook: Huh? Sean Maddox: You know you're making this so much harder? Tina Seabrook: You're leaving me. I'm hardly going to make it easy for you. Sean Maddox: You're the only thing I'll miss. Tina Seabrook: Is that a yes? Sean Maddox: I love you. With all my feet. Sean Maddox: Why does it feel like I'm having an affair with my own girlfriend? Tina Seabrook: Don't knock it, some might say you've got the best of both worlds. [a flat screen for tracking patients' waiting times has just been delivered to the department] Maggie Coldwell: What on earth is that for? Bruno Jenkins: Action replays of your greatest life-saving moments. I love short films. Maggie Coldwell: I see your humour implant didn't take, then. Barney Woolfe: [Chloe has just bought a houseboat] So this boat, what's it called? Chloe Hill: Not it - she! It's called Kestrel... ain't that lovely? Harry Harper: What part of "one last chance" do you not understand? Simon Kaminski: I was talking to my colleague! Harry Harper: Well she must have trouble hearing 'cos the last thing I heard you were talking to her through her mouth in the staff room! Charlie Fairhead: Now leave me alone or I'll call Security. Colin Evans: I *am* Security. Charlie Fairhead: Then kindly throw yourself out. Nina Farr: I could kill Ellen for taking out a loan with a psychopath... John 'Abs' Denham: It wouldn't be worth it - unless we could sell her body for scrap! Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke: [referring to a woman who has been bothering the men in the department all day] She's probably just lonely. Greg Fallon: Or she needs her chimney swept Maggie Coldwell: [referring to Nathan] I bet he's a John Major. Selena Manning: What do you mean? Maggie Coldwell: He tucks his shirt into his pants! Amy Howard: Charlie, you know that motel by the bypass? Charlie Fairhead: Yes Amy Howard: Well the managers a friend of mine... Charlie Fairhead: And? Amy Howard: Well, I thought it might be good for a room... Chloe Hill: [pulling a face] Ooooooh! Amy Howard: Not for us! For the Devern family! Charlie Fairhead: Shame, I thought my luck had changed there... Harry Harper: Nathan just made an interesting point. Selena Manning: There's a first time for everything. Tess Bateman: There's no I in team. John 'Abs' Denham: No, but there抯 a me if you look close enough. Selena Manning: [to Maggie] You will never guess what just happened. Maggie Coldwell: Yeah well so long as I don't get the blame I don't care. Selena Manning: Nathan just asked my out. Maggie Coldwell: Nathan as in Spencer? [Selena nods] Maggie Coldwell: Well I hope you told him to get stuffed. [Selena looks away] Maggie Coldwell: You didn't did you? Selena Manning: Look, I didn't say yes. Look, he's not that bad, he's good looking, he's successful. Maggie Coldwell: Yeah and what happened to I need a good man? He's obviously a snake, what is it with you and dodgy blokes? Please, Selena, just wait for a decent man. Selena Manning: You might be right. Do you know what though? Do you know what was lovely? Just having someone actually ask me out, even if it was Nathan. Kelsey Phillips: Nathan asked you out. Isn't he gay? Maggie Coldwell: [walks away with a huge grin on her face]




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震


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