"Neighbours" (2004)

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  • 又       名"Neighbours"


  • advertisement Toadie: Will you marry me? Dee: What? Toadie: You heard. Dee: Yep. Toadie: What? Dee: You heard. [Lyn has the 'baby blues'] Connor: But I thought new mothers were supposed to be radiant? Joe: Radiant? But they are radiant, mate - when the kid's twenty and has moved out of home. Tad: [armed with baking trays] Found these in the back of one of Madge's cupboards. Susan: I'd completely forgotten about them. Tad: So had she, which is why she's too embarrassed to apologize herself. Now, er, I'm supposed to grovel, blame Harold and quickly change the subject. So, how about the weather today ay? Joel: So, when you think about it, there's nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong, with two friends - which is what Flick and I are, friends - going out and spending a day together. I mean, that's natural. Karl: And what about the kiss? Joel: Well, I wouldn't call it a kiss as such. Karl: A pash then. Joel: A peck perhaps. Susan: Gee, pecking's changed since our day, hasn't it? Joel: Maybe it looked like a kiss. Susan: It would have been the pressing of lips that confused us probably. Joel: Alright, we just got caught up in the romantic mood of the maze. Karl: And the density of the foliage. Lou: Harold, spare me the lecture. Harold: I'm only commenting. Lou: Harold, spare me the comment! Jane: Are you sure this is a good idea? Charlene: I'm a Ramsay. We don't think about things like that. [after a lecture from Madge] Toadie: I'll have a coffee thanks Madge, hold the arsenic. Joe: You need a megaphone to have a 'quiet' word with that woman Lynnie. Dee: Zombie Massacre? Toadie: That one is really good. Dee: Oh, Toadie! Tess: No way. Toadie: Alright, fine, don't wanna watch that. Watch this one. Dee: Zombie Massacre 2: Mother Gets Her Medicine. [after catching Toadie streaking down Ramsay St] Angie: Well, I've seen it all now. Unfortunately, so has everyone else. Dee: I'm gonna make Libby an offer she can't refuse... You've seen The Godfather, haven't you? Tess: Oh, once, ages ago. Dee: My humour is so wasted. Lance: Come on guys, it's a wedding dress - who cares? Amy: You'll be very different when you're getting married. Lance: I've decided I'm not going to wear a dress. [walking in on Tad and Paul wrestling on the couch] Flick: I did knock, but would you two prefer to be alone? Drew: I'm here to see Libby. Tom: She doesn't want to see ya. Drew: She doesn't know I'm here yet. Tom: And that's the way it's gonna stay. Lance: She looks great, she's my age and the stuff that she's interested in is very good. Ruth: Oh thanks Lance, I feel like I've known her for years. Amy: What, you think that men and women can't be friends? Billy: Of course they can, when they get too old to care about anything else. Amy: Oh, please. Billy: Amy, I know how guys think. Amy: Guys think? Now that's an interesting concept. Karl: People loved our slide nights. I'd say something sensible, you'd contradict me. Susan: No, I wouldn't! Steve: [about Steph] She is so cute. Flick: Sadly Steve, she only dates humans. Steve: Oooh, saucer of milk for Felicity. Anne: Look at the architecture. Hannah: Yeah, it's not like Australia where everything was built about 2 minutes ago. Lance: Hello! Some of our cave paintings are over 40,000 years old, you know. Toadie: So, when are you going to give it to her? Billy: Well, it's a birthday present. It's her birthday tomorrow. You work it out! Flick: We should be grateful. Think of the starving millions in Africa. Joe: Name one of 'em, Flick. Amy: It's a secret, Sarah made me promise not to tell anyone. Lance: Sarah doesn't know you very well then. Toadie: I've been thinking about our love life. Joel: Sorry mate, you're not my type. Phil: How were you planning on paying for it? Because the last time I looked, plastic surgeons weren't accepting bottle tops anymore. Toadie: You know, that woman is an insult to fruitcakes. Alice: You're a nurse too? Tess: No, I work with Susan Kennedy, I'm a teacher. Alice: This is the most incestuous street... I mean that in the nicest possible way. Phil: Ruth needs some help and she doesn't care which quarter it comes from. Ruth: Phil! Susan: Actually, one or two suggestions do spring to mind. Ruth: Oh yes? Nettles? Deadly nightshade? Pam: Oh, Cody, thank God you're back. You look terrible! Cody Willis: Yeah, well, I've been sleeping in a stable. What's your excuse? [Madge is preparing to leave hospital] Harold: Don't we need clearance or something? Madge: Harold, I'm not an aircraft. Steph: Libby, it was just an impulsive hug. Libby: Mmm, if you say so... But you have to admit, it definitely lingered - it was almost a cuddle! Steph: You are quite mad, you know that don't you? Libby: So how was he? Does he give good hug? Lou: You've put on a little weight since I last looked you know. Actually, I always thought the nickname 'Jelly Belly' was a bit unkind, but I can see why we started it at school. Billy: Must be a hot date if you're using an iron. Harold: Where there's a will, there's a way. Lou: It's money we need, Harold, not clich閟. Libby: I never realised bricks were so heavy. Phil: That's why my brain's my favourite muscle. [Max has the video camera] Boyd: Come on, give me a break. Max: Oh yeah, you know the family motto. Summer: Humiliation is character building! Karl: Actually... Now might be a good time. Susan: Oh, dinner's nearly ready. Karl: No, no - this won't take long. Susan: Not really what a woman wants to hear Karl. Dorothy: 'Doug and *I*'. If you're going to do something as revolutionary as thinking, at least do it grammatically. Valda: Who does she think she is, Catherine Zeta-Jones? [answering the Door thinking it's Susan] Joe: You're Not a Kennedy Toadie: No. Unless Karl's got something to tell me! Stingray: [to Serena] Cake taker! Stingray: Would you like a man to give you a hand? Izzy: Why? Is there one around? Stingray: Just reaching my peak babe. Try me. Izzy: Sorry honey my hands are full. Stingray: Wish mine were. Izzy: Anything else to go with the sandwich? Karl: That depends. Is it poisoned? Izzy: Not unless Harry is trying to bump you off. You know my life's to full to bother with petty revenge. [karl laughs] Izzy: Give it a rest Karl: Hey hey manners, I'm a customer. Izzy: If you want something, then order it. Karl: Well you know, I might have a piece of, the tart. Izzy: [Izzy turns round] Which one? Karl: The sour one making the sandwiches. Izzy: You are so pathetic. Karl: Not quite as pathetic as you. Trying to get at me by upsetting my daughter. Izzy: Oh Karl I don't know what's going on in your head, but I'm with Gus. Karl: You know, they say the truth is revealed under pressure. Veritas Inextrimas. Like when you're stuck in a lift? Izzy: That'll be five dollars, thanks. Karl: You know Izzy you wanted me, as much as I wanted you. There's no point in denying that. Izzy: [looking over karls shoulder] Can I get you anything Susan? Karl: Ha ha, good on you. Karl: [karl turns round to reveal that it is infact susan] Susan! Susan: No thanks. There's nothing here I want. Lil: Go on! What have you got to lose? Susan: Oh you know. My dignity. My self respect! Lil: Well you can get those back in the carpark. Sindi Watts: I was hopeless Susan: What about the coffee shop? Sindi Watts: I nearly set fire to Isabelle Hoyland. Susan: Good for you! Jack Scully: That's totally lame Toadie: Tell her it's for your Ricky Martin poster Jack Scully: Do I look like a 12 year old girl? Toadie: From some angles yeah, but that could just be me Jack Scully: [Toadie starts to film] Gran? Valda Sheergold: Yes Jacky Pet? Jack Scully: I need a picture frame. Valda Sheergold: Well there's a lovely little gift shop around at Ansons Corner. Sindi Watts: Valda that's not really what I'm looking for. Valda Sheergold: Well if his Ricky Martin posters going to look good... Jack Scully: I don't have a Ricky Martin poster, I've never had a Ricky Martin poster! Toadie: Still rolling! Jack Scully: Oh! But I don't want people thinking I have a Ricky Martin poster! Jack Scully: I do not have a Ricky Martin poster! Valda Sheergold: [walking in with a photo frame] This will make his Ricky Martin poster look good! Jack Scully: I don't have a Ricky Martin poster! Valda Sheergold: Come on Jack -we live in modern times! Lyn Scully: Scott, come and meet Father Tom, and Sindi! Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Howdy, hi, hi Father Tom Scully: Hi Father Tom Scully: Hello Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: [pointing to Father Toms dog collar] Ah- Reverand! Lyn Scully: No, Father love Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: What? Lyn Scully: Er, Tom is a Father not a Reverand. Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Why are you dressed like that then? Sindi Watts: Because that's what Fathers wear! Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Yeah but so do Reverands! Lyn Scully: Yeah but Toms a Father Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Oh, right sorry, how many have you got? Father Tom Scully: I'm sorry, what? Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: er, kids? Father Tom Scully: I don't have any kids. Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: So you're not a Father? Lyn Scully: Scott! Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Reverands can be Fathers! Lyn Scully: Yeah, but not Roman Catholic Fathers! Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Oh right... Daphne Lawrence: [last words to Des on her deathbed] I love you, Clarkey. Paul Robinson: No, let's talk now. Darcy Tyler: [turns off TV] Soaps are so predictable anyway. Janelle Timmins: Dogs love us Timminses. Janae Timmins: Mum, once on your leg doesn't count! Stingray: Oh man! I'm such a hockey puck! Stingray: I dropped my dacks! Nothing embarrasses me! Susan: Your behaviour at the coffee shop was way out of line. Stingray: Why? Susan: Well, you can't say those things, you can't tell Jezebel that I've been bagging her. Stingray: But you have! Susan: It doesn't matter. The things we say in private aren't necessarily the things we say in public. Stingray: Why can't people just be honest? Libby: Yeah, ma. Are you saying it's okay to be two-faced? Stingray: Yeah, ma. Susan: [laughing] No I am not! I'm just saying that sometimes it's not appropriate to tell the truth. Stingray: So really what you're saying is, sometimes it's appropriate to lie! Susan: Don't you have homework? Stingray: That depends if you want an honest answer or not. Susan: Go to your room! Stingray: Okay! Libby: [to Susan] Oh, I think I like him! Susan: You can keep him! Benito Alessi: [after returning from holiday] Someone's been leaning on the whisky with a venegance! Harold: [doing a rap for a coffee shop commercial under the guise of "Afro Harold"] It's Harold here. I'm in the House, of the Coffee shop where the food is Grouse. There's sandwiches and lasagne too Served with a smile, that part is true I'm keepin' it real, you get a great deal On a yummy snack, and that isn't wack The food is great, we're open till late. So don't be a McGuffin, come butter my muffin. Yo! Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: [after he fails to Ollie a shopping Trolley and wipes out] Belgium! Rupert Sprod: [Billy and Toadie are arguing before football practice] Guys... Billy, Toadie: Shut up, Sprod! Joe Mangel: [mistaking Jane and Henry for salespeople] Ping off! [Jane and Serena are fighting about Stingray] Scott 'Stingray' Timmins: Stop fighting, stop fighting! Did you hear about that scarecrow who won an Oscar? He was outstanding in his field! [Bobby and Lyn have spent the morning together in bed] [later, Lyn enters her house, surrounded by the Timmons family] Stingray: You haven't been in much recently, where have you been? Lyn Scully: You know, in and out. Taking of advantage of the time Oscar is with his Dad. [Janelle enters] Janelle Timmins: Ah, Lynny, where have you been? Stingray: In and out apparently. Paul Robinson: [holding up $5 bill] You see this, gran? In Two Years, this will be 5 Million. Helen Daniels: It's a nice dream. Paul Robinson: Only fools dream, and that is exactly why I won't get fooled again. Brett Stark: Is that Lou singing? Danni Stark: [groans] There should be a law against Lou singing in the morning. Brett Stark: There should be a law against Lou singing. Danni Stark: There should be a law against Lou. Lou: [about Harold] Any greener and you'd be photosynthesising! Dylan Timmins: [trying to Rile Boyd] Her name's not Aunt Izzy, It's Aunt *Easy*! Harold: [uncharacteristically drunk and levelling insults at Lou] Kidney thief! Lou: [to Philip, on meeting up with Harold after he was presumed dead] Mate, we have just seen a ghost! Joe Mangel: [telling Toby off over one of his badly-behaved friends] B-E-N spells trouble! Toby Mangel: I'm not a B-A-B-Y! Josh Anderson: [shouting at Boof and his gang as they ride off after hassling him, Todd, Cody, Melissa and Ryan on the dirt track] Weak as water! Cody: [during an Argument with Joanna] You're vacuous, you're inane, you're a waste of space! Dr. Beverly Marshall: [Jim and Beverley are separating, and Bev is ready to move out but Todd doesn't want to leave] Come on, Todd. I've packed some clothes for you, please collect anything else you want, I'd like to leave a soon as possible. I should be at the surgery Todd Landers: Yeah, well you can go to the surgery. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not having my life mucked up just because you two can't live together. Dr. Beverly Marshall: I'm not prepared to argue this any further. Get your things and come with me. Todd Landers: No. No, you can go to hell! [storms out] Annalise Hartman: [to Rick] Listen, Mister. If you want to live past your teens, Don't *ever* Call Me "Girlie". 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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